The Parish Church of St John-at-Hampstead

Church Chat

1st June 2020
        Fundraising for Solace, Helping Women in Need     Ayla Lepine
        Our celebration of Pentecost     Sheena Ginnings
        The Spirit of Recovery     Esther Fitzgerald
31st May 2020
        HPC Book Club     Andrew Lloyd-Evanse
        Happy Birthday - Social Distancing     Margaret Willmer
30th May 2020
        The Spirit and the Word     Ayla Lepine
28th May 2020
        Remembering a 'Parish Outing'     Sheena Ginnings
26th May 2020
        Working on the Royal Free assembly line     Julia Scott
        The Mattich Family Chickens     Lucy Vinten Mattich
22nd May 2020
        The Spirit and the Word: New Films to Prepare Us for Pentecost     Ayla Lepine
18th May 2020
        Daniel in the Lions Den     Helen Evans
        Green Gym     Margaret Willmer
14th May 2020
        NHS Scrubs with HPC funding     Jeremy Fletcher and Inigo Woolf
        Hampstead Community Choir on-line     Chris Money
12th May 2020
        Community Sponsorship - April/ May update     John Barker and Sheena Ginnings
        Jon Siddall climbs to the summit of Everest     
11th May 2020
        Bedtime stories with Aseel     John Barker
        Sewing scrubs diary     Anne Stevens
10th May 2020
        From My Window     Angeal Read
8th May 2020
        VE Day reminiscences     Julia Fletcher
6th May 2020
        From My Window     Barbara Alden
5th May 2020
        Noah's Virtual Ark     Helen Evans
1st May 2020
        Making cards for Spring Grove     
30th April 2020
        Seeking God     Ayla Lepine
29th April 2020
        From My Window     Beryl Dowsett
        At the Caris Haringey Food Bank     
27th April 2020
        Treats for residents at Henderson Court     
        Making drawstring bags for the NHS     
20th April 2020
        Creative Scrubs     
        The busy Bunn family     
19th April 2020
        From My Window: 8 Tulips     Sue Kwok
18th April 2020
        From My Window: Egbert Bear Junior and Grace     Sheena Ginnings
16th April 2020
        Doughnut Thursdays     Courtney Terwilliger
12th April 2020
        Early in the morning     Jeremy Fletcher
4th April 2020
        Seeking Understanding     Ayla Lepine
31st March 2020
        Lament and Hope     Jeremy Fletcher
28th March 2020
        One day. . .     Ayla Lepine
26th March 2020
        On trauma and standing on the rock     Jeremy Fletcher
21st March 2020
        Re-imagining Prayer and Getting Connected     Ayla Lepine
18th March 2020
        The Church Without Walls     Jeremy Fletcher