The Parish Church of St John-at-Hampstead

Parish Magazine

March 2017

        From the Churchwardens      Angela Gardner and Jon Siddall
        March      Judy East
        Doris Asher      Nicholas White
        Doris Asher      Mary Shakeshaft
        Hampstead Parochial School Development Fund      Jenny Lupa
        The Children's Society      Susan Woolf
        Sightsavers International      Richard Lloyd-Hart
        On the home straight      Angela Gardner
        Betrayal, Love and Sacrifice      John Willmer
        How many words does it take?      
        Readings for March      

February 2017

        Jan Ruston Writes      
        February      Judy East
        Big Brew and Traidcraft      
        Concert: Music of the Song of Songs      
        It neednít be all hearts and flowers on Valentineís Day      
        Readings for February      

January 2017

        Navigating the New Year      Diana Young
        January      Judy East
        For Sarah      Stephen Tucker
        Called to be Holy      Sarah Eynstone
        CARIS Camden      Andrew Penny
        CARIS Haringey      Rosemary Loyd
        Financial situation...      
        A Literary Hour: Invisible Women - Significant Writers      Barbara Alden
        Review: Forty Years On      Catherine Martin
        Review: The Christmas Oratorio      Suzanne Pinkerton
        Review: King Lear      Bill Fry
        January      Edith Nesbit
        Friday Focus 2017      
        Readings for January      

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