The Parish Church of St John-at-Hampstead

Parish Magazine

February 2018

        The Vicar writes      Jeremy Fletcher
        February      Judy East
        Sightsavers International      Richard Lloyd-Hart
        Big Brew Day      Sue Kwok
        A Wartime Vigil      Louise Reynolds
        Pamela Tudor Craig      Susan Woolf
        Helpers at our Night Shelter      
        Choir News      Kathy Nicholson
        Not quite right!      From Parish Pump
        Home Freed: the theology of decluttering      Jane Brocklehurst for Parish Pump
        ASH WEDNESDAY Ė mourning our sins      From Parish Pump
        How to improve your memory      From Parish Pump
        Not-so-fresh air      From Parish Pump
        Love your children      From Parish Pump
        Religious scepticism      
        Readings for February at the Parish Eucharist      

January 2018

        The Vicar writes      Jeremy Fletcher
        January      Judy East
        Welcoming Safety      
        The Theory of De-cluttering      Jane Brocklehurst for Parish Pump
        CARIS Haringey and CARIS Camden      Andrew Penny
        PCC Report      Nick Walser (PCC Secretary)
        Choir News      Kathy Nicholson
        Persuasion      Sarah Day
        From the Hampstead Parish Church Community Sponsorship Team      
        Some modern tips for the Wise Menís journey      David Pickup for Parish Pump
        Readings for January at the Parish Eucharist      

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