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January 2017

A Literary Hour: Invisible Women - Significant Writers

Barbara Alden

January’s Literary Hour on 18th at 1.00 pm focuses on women writers, only three of whom I’d even heard of before beginning to research the subject.

Throughout history so many women and their achievements have been ignored or bypassed, and my programme will include some talented but often neglected or totally forgotten women writers, most of whom achieved significant ‘firsts’ in some way or other, but have not been given sufficient (or sometimes any) subsequent  credit for it.

From ancient Mesopotamia to 20th century Scotland, our Literary Hour will only permit time for all-too-brief extracts from works that I feel deserve to be heard.

Although they are all women writers, they are not necessarily writing specifically about or for women.

So everyone, men and women, young and old, are equally welcome - and even encouraged(!) to come as audience to hear our varied programme.

Some brief biographical details on each writer will be included, which we hope in some way may bring back to life just a few of many extraordinary less-known female personalities from the past, and thereby restore a voice to some of those all-too-many Invisible Women

A retirung collection for the Fabric Fund and a chance to have a chat over a cup of coffee afterwoards.

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