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March 2017

On the home straight

Angela Gardner

If you should rise early and be out in the street
You may chance to hear the pounding of feet;
For, while most of my family are tucked up in bed,
I’m dressed up in Lycra and running instead!

Whatever the weather – in rain, sleet or snow -
On the Heath, in the High Street and into Church Row.
It all started when, one day in December,
An ad caught my eye and made me remember…

…The crowds out in London, the cheering and smiles.
Running the Marathon – all 26 miles.
Now married with children – 15 years have gone by –
I’ve signed up to the challenge and I’ll give it a try.

And to help me keep going when my body is aching
Is the knowledge of the positive difference I’m making.
I won’t break any records – I won’t be that speedy –
But I am raising funds to help London’s needy.

At the end of the day, when all’s said and done,
I need your support, please, to succeed at this run.
And to help motivate me to the line on the Mall
I’d welcome your donations – both the large and the small.

So, if you feel able, my thanks are sincere.
(Donations can be made via the link shown right here.)
I’ll continue to train and, if all goes as planned,
At our APCM I’ll be able to stand!

The London Marathon is on Sunday 23 April – the day before our Annual Parochial Church Meeting
Donations to The London Community Foundation may be made to me directly or via my fundraising page: 

Thank you very much for your support!

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