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June 2017

The 21 Group

Jan Rushton and Andrew Gimson

It has long been a dream of mine to set up a group where Christians could discuss Current Affairs together!

The advent of life in Church Row for the Dolmans was also the opportunity (always beware friendly clergy!) for me to ask if they might like to host such a group!

Maurits and Erika are very much ‘international’ citizens of the world and I knew they are people who think deeply about the issues that face us all!

They said ‘Yes’ – are the most wonderful hosts – and here we are:

A Summary from one of the regular members of the Group, journalist and writer, Andrew Gimson:

The 21 Group meets each month on a Monday evening to discuss in an informed and unpartisan atmosphere some topic which is in the news. A speaker who is an authority on the subject makes a few introductory remarks, after which anyone can contribute. Among the topics covered since the launch of the group a year ago are the EU Referendum (both before and after), the Labour Party, the new US President, the future of the Church of England, the NHS, and the French presidential elections. This is an excellent way to acquire a deeper knowledge of a subject, by debating it with people who know a lot and often hold passionate views.
Forthcoming meetings will be devoted to the British general election, populism and nationalism. The meetings are very generously hosted, with delicious refreshments, by Maurits and Erika Dolman at their home in Church Row, and there is room for up to 20 people to attend.  Anyone interested in joining the 21 Group, either occasionally or regularly, should email its founder and organiser Jan Rushton

Yes, please get it touch if you are interested in coming – our meetings have been so well attended we have put a top number of 18 at any particular meeting – hence the need to ‘book’ a place

Though please don’t let this put you off – everyone is most welcome, just get your diary out!

Next meeting:  The Snap General Election  introduced and chaired by Bob Dungey, retired international banker   MONDAY 5 June at 7.30 pm – we finish at 9.30

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