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July 2017

Holiday in Hampstead 2017

Monday August 7th – Friday August 11th

 Pick up a programme!

The full programme for this week of activities, good food and pleasant company is now available.  Please pick up a copy from the back of the church or from the Parish Office if you do not already have one.

During this week you can learn more about our new church family, Jeremy and Julia Fletcher and the intrepid Rebecca Keane, our parish administrator and will see (or hear) Jenny Lupa, our new Church Warden, in a different light. You can be informed about the wisdom of Islam, the contribution of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson and the history of 19th century blood transfusions. Also roots, both genealogical and horticultural, can be explored – All this without moving from Hampstead!

You will be entertained each morning by John Willmer or Stephen Clarke and friends with “A few of our favourite things” and will even have the chance to join in a programme of gentle exercises should you wish.

On Wednesday afternoon we have the delightful (and delicious) Tea at the Ritz at Henderson Court, accompanied by David Moore at the piano and our Community Choir.

If you are of pensionable age and will be in London during August, this is a wonderful alternative to the rigours of holiday travel!   Please do join us. The registration form is on the back of the programme.

Pick up a programme!
Dates:     Monday August 7th – Friday August 11th
Time:     11.00am – 4.00pm
Place:     Parish Rooms at Hampstead Parish Church
Cost:     £10 per day – come for as many days or half days as you like

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