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September 2017

Bits and pieces

Churches express in physical terms our relationship as individuals and even more as communities, with God, and that relationship is at the centre of our belief.  Andrew Penny, from a sermon preached on 30th July and available on the website.

"We explored the churchyard and were enchanted by the fact that it wasn’t manicured!" (A visitor)
Oldest computer?

The oldest computer can be traced back to Adam and Eve. Not surprisingly, it was an Apple. But it had an extremely limited memory: just one byte, and everything crashed.

Smart home gadgets

We are falling in love with smart gadgets in our homes. Sales of various items have increased more than six‑fold in the last two years.

John Lewis has reported sharp surges in sales of intelligent lighting, heating systems, air purifiers and fridges. Such items can be controlled remotely, via your smartphone. But there is a downside: cyber‑crime is soaring, and criminals would just love to gain control of your home

Portion control - or not?

Bet you didnt notice this, but dinner plates have got bigger. In the 1950s, a dinner plate measured 25cm across; now the usual is 28cm. And take a look at those very old wine glasses in the charity shops: our grandparents served wine in what looks like liqueur glasses to us now. These days, many wineglasses seem to hold nearly half a bottle.

(From Parish Pump)

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