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March 2018

The Children's Society

Susan Woolf

I have written about the Society before and said that they move with the times in order to benefit today’s young people and their situations.  One way they achieve that is by Campaigning.  You may have heard about results of their surveys or lobbying on the BBC.

Current campaigns include:

The Seriously Awkward campaign which reveals that the most vulnerable 16 and 17 year olds are ‘falling through the cracks’. They do not tend to get the same protections as younger children to keep them safe.

End Child Poverty (self-explanatory!)

Help Stop Child Sexual Exploitation
The Society has regional services for this work.

Past campaigns include:
Make Runaways Safe

The Society joined forces with Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) to campaign for an end to the detention of children. In December 2010, the government set out a timeline for ending the practice of detaining children.

Giving Disabled Children a Voice
Campaigning to establish a right for all disabled children placed away from home to have access to an independent advocate.

The Society is grateful for funds received from this church’s Christmas Collection. I encourage you  to support the Society whenever the opportunity arises because some parts of the population tend to avoid it because of the Church of England connection.

Thank you.

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