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March 2018

Palm Sunday - Junior Church Passion Play

Helen Evans

Ever wondered what it was like to be at the Last Supper or to witness Judas Iscariot betray Jesus? If so, come and take part in or just watch the Junior Church Passion Play performed in the Churchyard / Additional Burial Ground during the 10.30 service on Palm Sunday (25 March). The play is a scratch performance, with various members of junior church or parents playing key parts. Scripts and props are provided and there’s no need to practice in advance.
 It’s great fun and very informative to watch, and everyone can participate in certain crowd scenes or just enjoy eating the matzos and drinking the grape juice together at a Last Supper in the open air. The play roves around the church’s beautiful outdoor spaces and brings the story to life for even the youngest of children.
 Please save the date- and look out for more details in the pewsheet or Junior Church newsletter nearer the time.

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