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June 2018

Asra Hawariat School

Sara Hester

The Asra Hawariat School Fund, one of the charities we support, is in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It exists for children too poor to go to the state schools. The Fund is the sole source of financial support. 98% of money raised goes straight to the school.

To find out more go to for photos and videos and the story of how the school started and more.

The money raised so far by churches like ours has been hugely appreciated. There is, however, a need to find other sources of income to continue improving facilities and to build more strong and stable buildings.  I will place some leaflets on display at the back of the church on the large table. The leaflets are colourful and informative about the school and how donations may be made. Do please have a look at them and, if you wish to consider supporting this fund, take one of the leaflets.

I am happy to answer questions so do not hesitate to speak to me about it in church. I love to talk about this wonderful Ethiopian school.

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