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January 2019

Stunning new £2-million Bible-and-art website

If you want to enjoy art with your Bible reading, then visit the stunning new £2-million Bible-and-art website, ‘The Visual Commentary on the Bible’ ( which was launched late last year.
‘The Visual Commentary on the Bible’ matches three works of art with passages of Scripture.  Each triptych has been chosen by a theologian or an art historian (so far, there are 44 listed on the site), who also provides a short commentary on the picture, relating it to the Bible verses.  The images on the site are high-resolution, and with the powerful zoom facility, users can enjoy the artworks in great detail.
So far, there are 50 completed triptychs, or ‘exhibitions’, and another 50 await copyright permissions. In the next seven years, it is hoped that the number will grow to 1500. 
The site is free to use.  It is funded by Roberta and Howard Ahmanson, the US billionaire philanthropists, and draws on the expertise of the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at King’s College, London.
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