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April 2019


Helen Doery

p>And a letter from ALMA following our last donation:


Diocese of London

Linking the Anglican churches

in Angola, London and Mozambique

ALMA, London Diocesan House, 36 Causton Street, London SWIP 4AU Tel: 020 7932 1231 Website:

Mr Inigo Woolf, Revd. Jeremy Fletcher

Thank you so much for St John's extremely generous donation of E 2,262.49 for the work of ALMA, the Diocese of London's link with Angola and Mozambique. The money has been placed in the ALMA General Fund that gives us the freedom to respond to our partner's needs, be they immediate in the case of disasters or longer term.

Being able to help support the training of clergy, catechists and other lay leaders is an important way of supporting our partners, be it by providing training resources such as the Africa Bible Commentary in Portuguese, assisting in the large cost of gathering leaders together who have to travel long distances or, as currently in Lebombo, contributing to the construction of a top quality Portuguese speaking Seminary, which will be used for training priests for all our partners.

In March the new Missionary Diocese of Nampula, that is currently part of the Diocese of Niassa, will be inaugurated with the enthronement of Missionary Bishop Manuel Ernesto. This is the first step in multiplication which will eventually enable the current Bishops to lead more manageable sized dioceses and not have to spend at least one third of their time on the road so that their parishes and Episcopal Areas are visited at least annually,

If you would like more information about ALMA and its work, please do not hesitate to contact to receive our email circular or you can find us on Facebook at ALMA London, on our website or on Twitter @ALMALondonD.

Thank you once again for your church's generous donation which will help us play an important röle in supporting our partners.

Best wishes,

Helen Doery

ALMA Communications Officer

020 7932 1231/

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