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September 2019


Judy East

Autumn: Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness:  back to school. Mixed feelings?  People back from holiday may be refreshed – or may be finding it hard to settle back into routine.  People who didn’t go away are probably glad to see everyone back, but might be less than enchanted by tales of exotic places they can only dream about.  Even having/not having someone to go with can stir up all sorts of feelings that on the whole make it a relief when the season is over.  

The church has seen plenty of visitors over the summer – walking tours, casual drop-ins.  People look for many things – a place to pray, a place to explore, architecture to admire, a shelter from the weather – one or two particular storms saw people scuttling for cover.  I even accepted a donation for the loan of an umbrella (and, yes, I did get it back!)

School Terms start on 4th or thereabouts – I still think in “terms” even though I’m no longer involved in the system. I think it’s part of our make-up isn’t it: the Sunday School, the Choir at the Eucharist, the Junior Choir, the Community Choir, Confirmation classes, Bible Book Club, HCSC Reading Group (yes, I know initials exclude people not “in the know” but please learn this one and save my fingers Hampstead Christian Study Centre Reading Group). 

So, whatever your feelings, what’s in store this month?  We say “Hello” to returnees in the choir and Sunday School on 1st and “Goodbye” David, Lucinda and Samuel Moore on the 8th;  they’ve been part of our life here for 11 years (well, Samuel not quite so long, but Holy Hamsters will miss him sitting beside Daddy with his own little keyboard “accompanying” the singing.)

Saturday 14th is the Hampstead Players tribute to Pat Gardner – an evening of entertainment celebrating her life with the Players.  

Friday 27th is the Sidwell Memorial Recital – details further on in this issue – and finally Harvest Festival on 29th.

You may be surprised to find that I’m not mentioning Christmas – that’s because we’ve decided to forego the Christmas Market this year.  We were aware that it needed a re-think and when we looked at the diary - the concerts, the Sound of Music, the Requiem, the Hampstead Arts Festival, the Night Shelter – phew, aren’t you relieved we decided  maybe a Market was just too much?   We do, however, hope to have a good range of Traidcraft goods on sale on the Sundays in December.

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