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September 2019

What is Hampstead Parish Church to you?

Jeremy Fletcher, Ayla Lepine and Sheena Ginnings

How do you feel about this special and holy place that has probably been a site of Christian worship for over 1000 years and witnessed so much change?  This space that is now being infused with your prayers, memories, experiences and activities?

When you think of ‘Hampstead Parish Church’ what words or images come into your mind?  An image could be your favourite bench in the churchyard, a snippet from one of the stained-glass windows, or a pile of hymnbooks.  It might be a feature that has been part of the church for hundreds of years, or something quite new – or even something fleeting.  It may be something that has been precious to you for a long time or something you have only just noticed. It could be absolutely anything.  

Look around and take a photo on your phone and send a ‘large’ or ‘actual size’ image to Sheena Ginnings email with a word or short phrase or sentence that expresses what you think and feel about the feature.  (If your image includes a person please get their permission because we may want to use the image on our website.) If your phone doesn’t take photos ask someone with a phone that does to take one for you.  The important thing is to look around you.

You may just like to send a word or short phrase or sentence, or even a poem you have written that expresses how you feel. Please either send it to Sheena Ginnings at the email address above or put it in the box at the back of the church that is labelled ‘Hampstead Parish Church to me’

We would like to create a display of your words and images in the church to coincide with our Dedication Festival on 13th October.  To give us enough time to print the photos, words and poems and put up the display please can we receive everything by Monday 30th September at the latest.  Because we would like to display everyone’s thoughts and images please only send one images. Sheena will be happy if you start sending photos and words as soon as possible.

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