The Parish Church of St John-at-Hampstead

Mission Statement

Hampstead Parish Church is a community of Christians within the Church of England who work together to discover the significance of Jesus Christ for ourselves and for our time and to share the love of God with our neighbours.

Our current Mission Action Plan 2013 - 2017 sets out five aims to focus our work in line with the Diocese of London's Capital Vision 2020. These are to:

1. Build a lively and loving community that is welcoming and hospitable to all
2. Offer a variety of challenging and accessible worship and teaching to meet differing needs
3. Provide welcome and activities across the age range
4. Demonstrate by our actions God's love as a force for good in our community and in the world
5. Share the responsibility for finding the time, space, money, volunteers, and skills needed to achieve this plan

We hope you will find here:
An active, lively, growing and well led community
An enquiring, reverent and imaginative approach to Scripture
A genuine encounter between traditional belief and modern thought
Public worship that is both dignified and inspiring, with high standards of preaching, music and children's work
A beautiful and quiet space for private prayer and meditation.
People who through participation in the life and worship of the Church seek to serve God in our daily lives.