The Parish Church of St John-at-Hampstead
9th December 2018
        Parish Eucharist       Jan Rushton     Advent 2 Year C 2018 (Prophets - John the Baptist)
2nd December 2018
        Holy Communion       Wake, O Wake     Jeremy Fletcher
25th November 2018
        Choral Evensong       Stirring our Faith     Ayla Lepine
        Parish Eucharist       Daniel 7.9-10, 13-14; Revelation 1.4b-8; John 18.33-37     Jan Rushton
11th November 2018
        Holy Communion       They Shall Grow Not Old     Jeremy Fletcher
4th November 2018
        Parish Eucharist       Experimental Saints     Ayla Lepine
        Choral Evensong       Let us run with perseverance the race that is set before us (Hebrews 12.2)     Handley Stevens
29th October 2018
        Parish Eucharist       St Simon and St Jude     Andrew Penny
21st October 2018
        Parish Eucharist       Service, not Status     Ayla Lepine
        Evensong       Mercy, not Sacrifice     Handley Stevens
14th October 2018
        Holy Communion       Vision, Mission, Strategy     Jeremy Fletcher
7th October 2018
        Holy Communion       Vision, Mission, Strategy     Jeremy Fletcher
30th September 2018
        Harvest All Age Eucharist       How do we grow?     Ayla Lepine
23rd September 2018
        Holy Communion       Lessons in Greatness     Jeremy Fletcher
        Evensong       Touching the Holiness of God     Jeremy Fletcher
16th September 2018
        Parish Eucharist       Who do you say that I am?     Handley Stevens
        Choral Evensong       Justice and Judgement     Ayla Lepine
9th September 2018
        Parish Eucharist       A doggy tale - the Syro-Phoenician Woman     Andrew Penny
        Evensong       Your kingdom come, your will be done     Handley Stevens
29th July 2018
        Parish Eucharist       The bread of life which came down from heaven     Handley Stevens
10th June 2018
        Parish Eucharist       Forgiveness     Andrew Penny
13th May 2018
        Evensong       God's today     Jeremy Fletcher
15th April 2018
        Evensong       Revelation - Letters to Ephesus and Smyrna     Jeremy Fletcher
        Holy Communion       Easter 3 - The resurrection made tangible     Jeremy Fletcher
1st April 2018
        Evensong       When is the Resurrection?     Jeremy Fletcher
        Easter Day Eucharist       Acts 10.34-43; Mark 16.1-8     Jan Rushton
18th March 2018
        Palm Sunday Evensong       Killing the Son - Mark 12. 1 - 11     Jeremy Fletcher
        Palm Sunday Evensong       Killing the Son - Mark 12. 1 - 11     Jeremy Fletcher
4th March 2018
        Parish Eucharist       Lent 3 Year B 2018:Exodus 20.1-17; 1 Corinthians 1.18-25; John 2.13-22     Jan Rushton
26th February 2018
        Evensong       Faith - Hebrews 11     Jeremy Fletcher
18th February 2018
        Holy Communion - Lent 1       Signs of God's Covenant     Jeremy Fletcher
14th February 2018
        Ash Wednesday Holy Communion       Lent, Secrets, Silence     Jeremy Fletcher
4th February 2018
        Evensong       The Latter Splendour     Jeremy Fletcher
28th January 2018
        Parish Eucharist       The Book of Revelation     Jan Rushton
14th January 2018
        Evensong       What will be - Isaiah 60     Jeremy Fletcher
7th January 2018
        Holy Communion       Epiphany - Making God Known     Jeremy Fletcher

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