The Parish Church of St John-at-Hampstead
18th June 2017
        Evensong       Luke 11: 14 28     Diana Young
        Parish Eucharist       The kingdom of heaven has come near (Matthew 10.7)     Handley Stevens
11th June 2017
        Parish Eucharist       A Story for Trinity Sunday     Andrew Penny
        Choral Evensong       The work of the Spirit     Jan Rushton
4th June 2017
        Holy Communion       Come Holy Spirit     Jeremy Fletcher
28th May 2017
        Evensong       He has put all things under his feet     Jeremy Fletcher
        Parish Eucharist       John 17 'that they may be one'     Jan Rushton
17th May 2017
        Holy Communion       Love, Truth, Power     Jeremy Fletcher
14th May 2017
        Evensong       A new heaven     Jeremy Fletcher
        Parish Eucharist       In my fathers house...     Andrew Penny
7th May 2017
        Parish Eucharist       Abundant Life     Diana Young
30th April 2017
        Holy Communion       The Walk to Emmaus     Jeremy Fletcher
        Evensong            Andrew Penny
23rd April 2017
        Parish Eucharist       Thomas - the fruit of resurrection     Jeremy Fletcher
        Evensong       Witnesses of Resurrection     Jeremy Fletcher
16th April 2017
        Parish Eucharist       I have called you by name     Diana Young
12th April 2017
        Maundy Thursday Eucharist       Footwashing     Diana Young
9th April 2017
        Evensong       Killing the Son, Claiming the Vineyard     Jeremy Fletcher
        Holy Communion       Reflection before the reading of the Passion     Revd Jeremy Fletcher
2nd April 2017
        Parish Eucharist       Jesus said: I am the Resurrection and the Life (John 11.25)     Handley Stevens
27th March 2017
        Evensong       Lent 4 John 9     Andrew Penny
19th March 2017
        Parish Eucharist       Worship: Enmity, Engagement, Encounter, Evangelism     Jeremy Fletcher
5th March 2017
        Evensong       Living the Law     Andrew Penny
        Parish Eucharist       Temptation     Diana Young
1st March 2017
        Choral Eucharist       What sort of Lent?     Diana Young
26th February 2017
        Parish Eucharist       Walking with Jesus     Handley Stevens
19th February 2017
        Evensong       Learning from Woman Wisdom     Diana Young
        Parish Eucharist       The Sermon on the Mount today     Andrew Penny
12th February 2017
        Parish Eucharist       Sermon on the Mount Mt 5.21-37     Jan Rushton
5th February 2017
        Evensong       Prophecy: Amos and Paul     Andrew Penny
        Parish Eucharist       Salt and Light     Diana Young
29th January 2017
        Evensong       Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.     Diana Young
23rd January 2017
        Parish Eucharist       Matthew 4:18-22     Andrew Penny
15th January 2017
        Evensong       Epiphany and prophecy     Diana Young
        Parish Eucharist       Sermon for Epiphany 2     Jan Rushton
8th January 2017
        Choral Evensong       The Baptism of Christ 2017     Andrew Penny

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