The Parish Church of St John-at-Hampstead

Church Chat

6th July 2022
        Holiday in Hampstead 2022     Diana Finning
        Why celebrate ‘Pride’?2     Angela Gardner
2nd July 2022
        Graham’s Ordination     
        Graham’s First Mass     
        Yarn Bombing!     Anouk Gouvras
        Creative Junior Church     Anouk Gouvras
22nd June 2022
        Finding God in Art     Sheena Ginnings
        Recent Visits to the Almasri Family     John Barker
13th June 2022
        Music for the Platinum Jubilee     Geoffrey Webber
12th June 2022
        A Tribute to Peter Loyd     
        Thank you, Ma’am<     Judy East
1st June 2022
        The JUKEBOX Café and The Crypt Room - a match made in heaven

     David Gardner

        Coronation Day and Abbey Chairs     John Willmer
30th May 2022
        The Wonderful Jukebox Cafe     Sheena Ginnings
27th May 2022
        The Creative Junior Choir     Graham Dunn
20th May 2022
        Taking part in the London Festival of Contemporary Church Music     Sheena Ginnings
        Finding God in Art     Sheena Ginnings
5th May 2022
        When nobody is looking     John-Paul Flintoff
        CARIS Families – an update     Andrew Penny
        Christian Aid- tackling the challenges of food poverty and climate change in Zimbabwe.     Sheena Ginnings
        Christian Aid Week 15th to 21st  May     Judy East
29th April 2022
        Low Sunday     
        A Hampstead Wedding Down Under     
20th April 2022
        Easter Joy     Jeremy Fletcher
        A lot goes on at the Easter Vigil     Sheena Ginnings
        Easter Flowers     Esther Fitzgerald
        Easter Lunch for the Choir     
13th April 2022
        The Saint John Passion     Suzanne Pinkerton
        Gone!     Judy East
        Spark Joy     Sheena Ginnings
        Easter Food Bank Collection     Chris Money
4th April 2022
        Creative recycling     
        Looking for Eliza Acton     Sheena Ginnings
        Put on your dancing shoes and help to raise funds for the Wonderful Winch     
25th March 2022
        What is an aspergillum?     Sheena Ginnings
19th March 2022
        ‘Spark Joy’ – a decluttering update     Sheena Ginnings
        A Journey through Ukraine     Jean Harrison
12th March 2022
        Praying for Ukraine     
        A poem to Ukraine     
9th March 2022
        Giving support to Ukraine     Jan Rushton
2nd March 2022
        Another chance to see…..     Judy East
1st March 2022
        Big Brew is Back     Sheena Ginnings
        We are praying for Peace in Ukraine     
21st February 2022
        The remarkable Thomas Ainger     Sheena Ginnings
19th February 2022
        Flowers in Memory     Sheena Ginnings
17th February 2022
        Embracing Justice – this year’s Lent book     
        Mystery Man     
        Jenny Bunn’s Beautiful  Winter Garden     Sheena Ginnings
8th February 2022
        Two Poems for Racial Justice Sunday – 13th February 2022     
5th February 2022
        Bible Book Club – Conspiracy and Intrigue     Sheena Ginnings
        But does it Spark Joy?     Sheena Ginnings
27th January 2022
        Creative Community: a new arts & crafts, upcycle & repair monthly workshop     Anouk Gouvras
26th January 2022
        A Hidden Treasure     
        Big Brew Day, Sunday 27th February 2022     Sue Kwok
20th January 2022
        Remembering Audrey Stocker     
        A big thank you from Maureen     
13th January 2022
        Blessing of Chalk     Sheena Ginnings
        Saying Farewell and Thank You to Maureen     Sheena Ginnings
        A new role for Ayla     
23rd December 2021
        Christmas is coming!     
        Decorating our beautiful church for Christmas     
        Junior Church Christmas Party     
        Christmas Lights Concert     Sheena Ginnings
17th December 2021
        Report from The 21 Group meeting to discuss COP-26     Handley Stevens and Annie Duarte
        Waiting for the Christ Child     
12th December 2021
        News of a Former Member of our Professional Choir     Suzanne Pinkerton
        Magical Christingle     Sheena Ginnings
4th December 2021
        Reflections for Advent     
        Winter composting     Judy East
        The Importance of Being Earnest     Suzanne Pinkerton
30th November 2021
        Eco Church and the importance of our green spaces     Sheena Ginnings
25th November 2021
        December 2021 - Notes on the Music     Geoffrey Webber
        Recycling in Camden     Judy East
18th November 2021
        “Stir Up Sunday”     Judy East
17th November 2021
        We will remember them     
16th November 2021
        A Review of Fauré Come and Sing     Gill Perrin
15th November 2021
        Remembrance Sunday – remembering the Royal Soldiers’ Daughters School     Sheena Ginnings
10th November 2021
        News from Christian Aid     Judy East
        From the churchyard (well, actually, the Additional Burial Ground this time)     Judy East
        Confirmation Sunday     Sheena Ginnings
5th November 2021
        What to do with your used stamps     Julia Flatcher
2nd November 2021
        Evelyn Underhill – a guide for Advent     Jeremy Fletcher
        Notes on the Music – November 2021     Geoffrey Webber
        ‘The only thing better than singing is more singing’ – Ella Fitzgerald     Chris Money
27th October 2021
        Prayer for the COP 26 Climate Summit     
26th October 2021
        Junior Church - Creation and Climate Change Project     Maureen Smith
25th October 2021
        Hampstead Parish Church 1905     Sheena Ginnings
        Black Gay British Christian Queer     Graham Dunn
20th October 2021
        Black History Month – Listen to the Voices     Sheena Ginnings
        Saturday's Craft Fair     Judy East
        Harvest flowers – seasonal and sustainable     Esther Fitzgerald
        Sustainable Flowers  and Responsible Stewardship     Lucy Dunnett
13th October 2021
        C4WS - Update     Andrew Penny
        The Books are Gone!     Sheena Ginnings
        Black History Month – Listen to the Voices     Gaynor Bassey-Fish & Sheena Ginnings
7th October 2021
        Celebrating our creativity - October 16th 11am – 3pm     Judy East
6th October 2021
        Camden Council and the Afghan Refugee     Andrew Penny
        Cleaning  and Caring for our Beautiful Church – an “outward and visible sign”     Anne Stevens
1st October 2021
        October 2021 - Notes on the Music     Geoffrey Webber
        Celebratory Lunch     Sheena Ginnings
        Community Sponsorship Update     Sheena Ginnings
14th September 2021
        Book Fair     Judy East
13th September 2021
        The Road to Santiago     Gaynor Bassey-Fish
8th September 2021
        A new mass setting for Hampstead Parish Church     Gill Perrin - Trustee, HCMT
        A new mass setting for Hampstead Parish Church . . continued     Gill Perrin - Trustee, HCMT
7th September 2021
        Open House Weekend     Judy East
2nd September 2021
        Book Fair and Book Signing     Sheena Ginnings
        A lovely garden     Jane Hinde
31st August 2021
        September 2021 - Notes on the Music     Geoffrey Webber
        Open House Weekend     Judy East
27th August 2021
        Graham says his curacy training is bags of fun!     
26th August 2021
        Old Testament Cake     
        Anonymity     Judy East
14th August 2021
        Rich Pickings in the Additional Burial Ground     
11th August 2021
        Joanna Baillie part 2     Barbara Alden
        Holiday in Hampstead 2021     Dennis Finning
        The Mask Prayer     
1st August 2021
        August 2021 - Notes on the Music     Geoffrey Webber
        Celebrating William Byrd     Geoffrey Webber
29th July 2021
        Bekonscot Model Village     Judy East
        HPC is having a Book Fair     
25th July 2021
        Year 6 Leavers service - Endings and Beginnings     Graham Dunn
21st July 2021
        The Man Who Died Too Soon     Judy East
        Re Joanna Baillie     Barbara Alden
13th July 2021
        Shobana Jeyasingh presented with her CBE     
11th July 2021
        Pilgrimage to Canterbury     Sheena Ginnings
        Joanna Baillie (1762-1851) – who was she?     Judy East
7th July 2021
        A Midsummer Night’s Dream     Suzanne Pinkerton
6th July 2021
        Welcoming Graham and Anouk     
5th July 2021
        Autumn Fair     Judy East
3rd July 2021
        The Hampstead Collective ‘Season Finale     Suzanne Pinkerton
24th June 2021
        Lucy's Readathon     Judy East
        The Hampstead Collective     Anne Stevens
        A Midsummer Night's Dream     Judy East
19th June 2021
        Springtime for the Vicarage Honey Bees     Erika Dolmans
        Why we need to keep supporting our Food Banks and how you can help     Chris Money
18th June 2021
        Commemorating Evelyn Underhill     
15th June 2021
        Exciting news from CARIS Haringey     
        What is the connection between Gerald Manley Hopkins and Hampstead Parochial School?     Judy East
10th June 2021
        Sacred Meditations: 'Eternal Light'     Malachy Frame
8th June 2021
        Help to look after our historic burial grounds     Judy East
        Reduce, Reuse, Recycle     Esther Fitzgerald
        In Praise of Hampstead Heath     David (and Pat) Gardner
1st June 2021
        45 years of The Hampstead Players – An Anniversary on Zoom     David Gardner
29th May 2021
        What I learned at Bubble Church     
28th May 2021
        The Hampstead Collective’s “Messiah” – a review     Suzanne Pinkerton
        Messy Pentecost     Bettina Schmidgall
        Snapshots of the fabulous Clothes Sale on 29th May     
23rd May 2021
        "When is the best time to perform Messiah?"     Geoffrey Webber
        Four books with a special interest for HPC     Judy East
        Exploring the HPC YouTube Playlists     Sheena Ginnings
19th May 2021
        What are they doing?     Judy East
18th May 2021
        Community Sponsorship Update     Sheena Ginnings
16th May 2021
        In My Garden     Jenny Bunn
13th May 2021
        C4WS Shelter December 2020 to March 2021     Andrew Penny
        Bubble Church was at the Plant Sale     Maureen Smith
        Saturday 8th May – Cakes and Plants      Judy East, Sue Kwok and Jenny Bunn
10th May 2021
        A letter to Susan Woolf, our Children’s Society representative.     
5th May 2021
        High Flight     John Gillespie McGee Jr (1922 - 1941)
1st May 2021
        Christian Aid Week 10-16 May     Judy East
        An evening out in the Lambeth Palace Gardens     Jane Hinde
27th April 2021
        On My Walk     Margaret Willmer
26th April 2021
        Easter 1975     Bill Risebero
        Practical Action     Anne Stevens
        Spiritual Communion     Christine Risebero
24th April 2021
        On My Walk     Sheena Ginnings
22nd April 2021
        A Memorial for Evelyn Underhill     Barry Orford
        On My Walk     Judy East
        Creative Lockdown     Sue Kirby
        Two famous Johns at St John’s     Judy East
14th April 2021
        Island Hospice and Healthcare Zimbabwe     Alan Brooks
        Bubble Church - Update     Maureen Smith
12th April 2021
        Holiday in Hampstead 2021     Diana Finning
11th April 2021
        Mum Pat - the Royalist      David Gardner
6th April 2021
        May 8th May 8th May 8th May 8th May 8th      Jenny Bunn and Judy East
        An Easter Poem     Brian Vickers
        A new gardener at HPC     Sheena Ginnings
        Getting ready to celebrate Easter     
30th March 2021
        Holy Week Diary     
        An Easter Garden     Sue Kirby
28th March 2021
        John Flaxman     Bill Risebero
23rd March 2021
        My Old Cookery Books     Lucy Vinten Mattich
        Beibhinn's Fundraising Walk - 2     Courtney Terwilliger
21st March 2021
        Sightsavers International     Richard Lloyd Hart
20th March 2021
        George Steevens – a rather ‘complex’ man     Brian Vickers
18th March 2021
        Ethical Easter Treats     
16th March 2021
        Beibhinn’s Fundraising Walk     Courtney Terwilliger
15th March 2021
        Flowers for Mothering Sunday     
13th March 2021
        ‘Some Mothers Do ’Ave ’Em’     David Gardner
12th March 2021
        On My Walk     Sheena Ginnings
        Update on Psalm     Beryl Dowsett
8th March 2021
        The Voluntary Rate     Judy East
7th March 2021
        A message from Support Dogs     Julia Fletcher
6th March 2021
        More stories that speak to you     Julia Fletcher
        On My Walk     Anne Stevens
        A Special Event     
2nd March 2021
        Bubble Church - Making a Lenten Tree     Maureen Smith
27th February 2021
        Fairtrade Fortnight 2021     Sue Kwok
26th February 2021
        On My Walk     Sheena Ginnings
25th February 2021
        Lockdown Lords     Sue Garden
24th February 2021
        John Keats commemorated     Sue Kirby
23rd February 2021
        This is a Place of Prayer     
22nd February 2021
        Remembering Evelyn Underhill     Barry Orford
20th February 2021
        Ways of helping AgeUK Camden and news of how they are bridging the Digital Divide     
        Stories that speak to you     Julia Fletcher
        On My Walk     Diana Finning
18th February 2021
        From My Window     
        Winter Lockdown for the Vicarage Honey Bees     Erika Dolmans
        Lucy's Readathon     Martin and Jane Bailey
17th February 2021
        Stations of the Cross     Judy East
14th February 2021
        Dressing up for Valentine's Day     
12th February 2021
        On My Walk     Angela Gardner
        Praying the Rosary     JP Flintoff
        Helmut Deutsch - My Life as a Lieder Accompanist     Suzanne Pinkerton
9th February 2021
        The Show Must Go On! - The Community Choir in lockdown     Chris Money
        Magdalena : River of Dreams by Wade Davis     Diana Finning
        Lockdown Reading      Elizabeth Kiem
        A Message From AgeUK Camden     
        Racial Justice at Hampstead Parish Church     Angela Gardner
6th February 2021
        On My Walk     Anne Stevens
3rd February 2021
        Inside Out     Julia Fletcher
        Keeping up with old friends     Margaret Willmer
        A little praise     Cynthia Philpots
31st January 2021
        Bubble Church at Home     Maureen Smith
        An introduction to this year's Lent book     Hendley Stevens
        Lockdown Reading     Beryl Dowsett
25th January 2021
        On My Walk     Chris Weatherhead
        Candlemas: February 2nd     Judy East
24th January 2021
        I thought I lived in a quiet street!     Liz Cross
        Lockdown reading     
22nd January 2021
        From My Window     Margaret Willmer
20th January 2021
        Send Soap     
        All shall be well     Barbara Alden
        On My Walk     Sue Kirby
13th January 2021
        Bubble Church at Home     Maureen Smith
12th January 2021
        New Year in Bethlehem     Bill Risebero
        The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity     
11th January 2021
        Sort and Survive - part two - how to go about it     Sue Kirby
7th January 2021
        C4WS Shelter Report     Andrew Penny
4th January 2021
        What is that chalk inscription above the church door mean?     Judy East
        A popular carol to a "new" tune     Anne Stevens
22nd December 2020
        A Christmas message from Graham and Anouk     Graham Dunn
        Our outside Nativity     Sheena Ginnings
        The Indoor Christmas Crib     Judy East
        Things are happening in the graveyard     
        The Recycle Nativity     
13th December 2020
        From My Window     Judy East
        The Hampstead Good Neighbours Scheme this Christmas      Rosemary Loyd
        C4SW Winter Shelter Update     Andrew Penny
9th December 2020
        Sort and Survive - part one     Sue Kirby
6th December 2020
        Community Sponsorship Update     Sheena Ginnings
1st December 2020
        On My Walk     Stephen Berryman
        Our HPC Advent Calendar     Judy East and Sheena Ginnings
29th November 2020
        On My Walk     Sue Kirby
        Traidcraft Christmas Shopping     Sue Kwok
        On My Walk     Barbara Alden
26th November 2020
        On My Walk     Margaret Willmer
25th November 2020
        Hug Store     Barbara Alden
24th November 2020
        Ahria's Dolls House     Melissa Wilson
23rd November 2020
        Lockdown Psalm     Barbara Alden
17th November 2020
        Update on The Children's Society     Jeremy Fletcher
        Meeting the Lupa family's animal menagerie     Sheena Ginnings
        Up to the minute Catwear     Margaret Pritchard Houston
16th November 2020
        The Hampstead Good Neighbours Scheme this Christmas     Rosemary Loyd
11th November 2020
        Remembrance Sunday Bubble Church Service     Maureen Smith
10th November 2020
        Traidcraft and Covid-19     Sue Kwok
        Unveiling of The Cenotaph - a family connection     Charles Perrin
        Help needed to complete Christmas parcels for C4WS     Jenny Bunn and Susan Woolf
6th November 2020
        Our World War One graves     Julia Flatcher
4th November 2020
        CARIS Haringey Christmas Appeal     Sheena Ginnings
3rd November 2020
        Update on the C4WS Winter Night Shelter     Andrew Penny
28th October 2020
        Letter from Nigeria     Tari Taylaur
        Black History Month in Bubble Church     
20th October 2020
        In Praise of the Hampstead Collective     Handley Stevens
        Meeting Bishop Rose Hudson-Wilkin in Black History Month     
        On my walk      Andrew Lloyd Evans
19th October 2020
        To Make you smile     Barbara Alden
13th October 2020
        Admission to Communion Service     Maureen Smith
        Did you find it?      Judy East
12th October 2020
        Generosity - a reflection     Julia Fletcher
10th October 2020
        On My Walk     Margaret Willmer
        Hampstead Collective Concert - The Art of the Prophets - 12th October at 7.00 pm     Jess Dandy
9th October 2020
        Black History Month - Listen to the Voices     Sheena Ginnings
        On My Walk     Jane Hinde
30th September 2020
        Harvest 2020     Sheena Ginnings
        Hampstead Collective Concert - Sacred Meditation:Canticum Canticorum 5th October at 7.00 pm     Geoffrey Webber
        Bubble Church     Maureen Smith
29th September 2020
        Three Questions to ask Ourselves in Black History Month     Tari Taylaur
23rd September 2020
        Open House London     Judy East
22nd September 2020
        Hampstead Collective - Fifth Concert - Sacred Meditation - Monday 28th September at 7.00 pm     Malachy Frame and Christine BurasJess Dandy
        Making caps for premature babies in Sierra Leone     
16th September 2020
        Hampstead Collective - Fourth Concert - Bach Cantatas - Monday 21st September at 7.00 pm     Peter Foggitt
14th September 2020
        Visiting Sarah's beautiful garden     Jane Hinde
12th September 2020
        On the Frontline - NHS AHP's     Jo Siddall
8th September 2020
        A gift for Ayla from Hampstead Parish Church     Sue Kirby
        Family Fun on Ayla's last Sunday     Julia Fletcher
        The Parish Photo 2020     Sheena Ginnings
        Hampstead Collective - Third Concert - Sacred Songs - Monday 14th September at 7.00 pm     Malachy Frame
7th September 2020
        Sunflowers - Loyalty and Devotion     Esther Fitzgerald
6th September 2020
        Hampstead Collective - Second Concert - Sacred Meditations - Monday 7th September at 7.00 pm     Geoffrey Webber
31st August 2020
        On My Walk     Jean Harrison
        The Lady Chapel paintings and a mystery     Judy East
        Anton Walbrook - the enigmatic actor who is still remembered     Sheena Ginnings
26th August 2020
        An exciting programme from the HAMPSTEAD COLLECTIVE starting on 31st August     Malachy Frame and Christine Buras
25th August 2020
        On My Walk     Jean Harrison
        The Changi Cross and a small miracle     Louise Reynolds
        Helping to Keep Premature Babies Warm     Jenny Bunn
18th August 2020
        From My Window     Jean Harrison
        On My Walk     Jean Harrison
        Saturday 15th August 2020 - A nation remembers the 'Forgotten War'     Louise Reynolds
        My Father's War     Louise Reynolds
11th August 2020
        Holiday in Hampstead - Day One - A Mix of Mysticism and Computer Hacking     Bill Risebero & Andrew Lloyd-Evans
        Holiday in Hampstead - Days Two and Three - the House of Lords and a Victorian Paradise     Bill Risebero
        Holiday in Hampstead - Day Five - God and Beer     Bill Risebero
9th August 2020
        The gift of a packet of seeds . . .      Jenny Lupa
7th August 2020
        Walkies     Suzanne Pinkerton
        Continuing the theme of feeding the 5000     Maureen Smith
6th August 2020
        Holiday in Hampstead - Tea at the Vicarage     
5th August 2020
        A Celebration     Sheena Ginnings
4th August 2020
        Volunteering at CARIS Haringey     Sheena Ginnings
3rd August 2020
        Racial Justice and the Church: A Conversation     Ayla Lepine
2nd August 2020
        Meeting up again     Ayla Lepine
28th July 2020
        HPC's second socially distanced wedding celebration     
27th July 2020
        Jet's Song     Suzanne Pinkerton
        Being Drawn - the images and the spaces     Sheena Ginnings
        The bears take over zoom     Sheena Ginnings
22nd July 2020
        Zooming in on dance     Shobana Jeyasingh
17th July 2020
        Hampstead Parochial School - 2020 Leavers     Angela Gardner
15th July 2020
        Headphones, click-tracks, and old trumpets     Malachy Frame
14th July 2020
        Where is God in this pandemic?     
12th July 2020
        News from the Vicarage     Julia Flatcher
        Back in Church     Lucy Vinten Mattich
10th July 2020
        Symbols of Hope     Barbara Alden
6th July 2020
        Monday 6th July 2020 - Remembering in lockdown a Thursday in 2005     David Gardner
        Yokes and Burdens     Sheena Ginnings
4th July 2020
        Threads of Heaven     Ayla Lepine
        An outrage upon the familiar sentiment and aspect of a well known locality     Judy East
29th June 2020
        Objects of Hope     
27th June 2020
        The Vicar's bike has a new owner      John Barker
26th June 2020
        Inside old books     Margaret Willmer
23rd June 2020
        C4WS and Homelessness during and after the lockdown.     Andrew Penny
18th June 2020
        From My Window     Bettina Schmidgall
17th June 2020
        Evelyn Underhill and Our Churchyard     Ayla Lepine
16th June 2020
        The Women's Retreat     Sheena Ginnings
        Remembering Grenfell     
15th June 2020
        Feeding of the 5000     Helen Evans and Maureen Smith
14th June 2020
        Holy Mothers: Three Films by Marika Rose     Ayla Lepine
        Racial Justice and the Church     Ayla Lepine
        From My Window     Julia Fletcher
10th June 2020
        Black Lives Matter: a square for the altar frontal     Ayla Lepine
7th June 2020
        Arts and Faith Reflections     Christine Risebero
6th June 2020
        Gardening Group     Judy East
1st June 2020
        Fundraising for Solace, Helping Women in Need     Ayla Lepine
        Our celebration of Pentecost     Sheena Ginnings
        The Spirit of Recovery     Esther Fitzgerald
31st May 2020
        HPC Book Club     Andrew Lloyd-Evanse
        Happy Birthday - Social Distancing     Margaret Willmer
30th May 2020
        The Spirit and the Word     Ayla Lepine
28th May 2020
        Remembering a 'Parish Outing'     Sheena Ginnings
26th May 2020
        Working on the Royal Free assembly line     Julia Scott
        The Mattich Family Chickens     Lucy Vinten Mattich
22nd May 2020
        The Spirit and the Word: New Films to Prepare Us for Pentecost     Ayla Lepine
18th May 2020
        Daniel in the Lions Den     Helen Evans
        Green Gym     Margaret Willmer
14th May 2020
        NHS Scrubs with HPC funding     Jeremy Fletcher and Inigo Woolf
        Hampstead Community Choir on-line     Chris Money
12th May 2020
        Community Sponsorship - April/ May update     John Barker and Sheena Ginnings
        Jon Siddall climbs to the summit of Everest     
11th May 2020
        Bedtime stories with Aseel     John Barker
        Sewing scrubs diary     Anne Stevens
10th May 2020
        From My Window     Angela Read
8th May 2020
        VE Day reminiscences     Julia Fletcher
6th May 2020
        From My Window     Barbara Alden
5th May 2020
        Noah's Virtual Ark     Helen Evans
1st May 2020
        Making cards for Spring Grove     
30th April 2020
        Seeking God     Ayla Lepine
29th April 2020
        From My Window     Beryl Dowsett
        At the Caris Haringey Food Bank     
27th April 2020
        Treats for residents at Henderson Court     
        Making drawstring bags for the NHS     
20th April 2020
        Creative Scrubs     
        The busy Bunn family     
19th April 2020
        From My Window: 8 Tulips     Sue Kwok
18th April 2020
        From My Window: Egbert Bear Junior and Grace     Sheena Ginnings
16th April 2020
        Doughnut Thursdays     Courtney Terwilliger
12th April 2020
        Early in the morning     Jeremy Fletcher
4th April 2020
        Seeking Understanding     Ayla Lepine
31st March 2020
        Lament and Hope     Jeremy Fletcher
28th March 2020
        One day. . .     Ayla Lepine
26th March 2020
        On trauma and standing on the rock     Jeremy Fletcher
21st March 2020
        Re-imagining Prayer and Getting Connected     Ayla Lepine
18th March 2020
        The Church Without Walls     Jeremy Fletcher