The Parish Church of St John-at-Hampstead

Parish Magazine

Since the Covid restrictions came into force and the implications of passing things from hand to hand became clear we have stopped producing a parish magazine to hand out in church. Much of the material became irrelevant - sermons are on the website, there was nothing to put in the diary, and many activities had to be put on hold. In place of this, and to help us keep in touch with what we're all doing, we have put up a Church Chat page on this website - do check it out. "From my window", "On my walk", poems, charity news and items of general interest are posted from time to time. We are always happy to receive contributions - please send them to the Vestry for Sheena Ginnings or Judy East.


Download the magazine for April 2020 here
Download the magazine for March 2020
Download the magazine for February 2020
Download the magazine for January 2020

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