The Parish Church of St John-at-Hampstead

Parish Magazine

December 2005

        The Vicar Writes      Stephen Tucker
        December      Judy East
        Respose to sermon of 6th November      David Fleming
        PCC Report      Andrew Penny
        Christmas with the Sunday School      Diana Finning and Andrew Penny
        Asra Hawariat School Fund      John Hester
        The campaign for real words      
        Not in front of the children      

November 2005

        The Vicar Writes      Stephen Tucker
        November      Judy East
        Big questions from little people      Sarah Eynstone
        Sacred space on 7th July      Judy East
        Pianos ancient and modern      Robin Saikia
        The twenty and the five      
        The Tree Council's National Tree Week      
        School Governors      
        Decorating the Church for Christmas - help needed      

October 2005

        The Vicar Writes      Stephen Tucker
        October [and a little bit of November]      Judy East
        Voices from the not-so-distant past      Jonathan Beatty
        PCC Report      Andrew Penny
        September 13th 2005      Diana Raymond

September 2005

        The Vicar Writes      Stephen Tucker
        Bible Study Groups      Stephen Tucker
        September      Judy East
        Letter      Philip Wells
        Julius Caesar      Diana Raymond
        Junior Choir Prom - review      Robin Saikia
        Harvest Festival      
        The Simon Community      

July 2005

        The Vicar Writes      Stephen Tucker
        Bible Study Groups      Stephen Tucker
        The role of a Deacon      Stephen Tucker
        Welcomers      Stephen Tucker
        July and August      Judy East
        From our new Deacon      Sarah Eynstone
        From Hampstead to Mirfield       Philip Wells
        Diocesan Finances      Inigo Woolf
        Anthony Berryman      Margaret Willmer
        Summer Fair      
        We all depend on seafarers      
        Benedict (c.480 c.550)      

June 2005

        The Vicar Writes      Stephen Tucker
        June      Judy East
        APCM Report      Andrew Penny
        PCC Report      Andrew Penny
        Among Arabian Sands, Syria, April 2005      Stella Greenall
        En voyage with the Study Centre!      Robert Triggs
        Refugee Week 20th-26th June, 2005      John Willmer
        Children's Day 26th June 2005      Diana Finning

May 2005

        The Vicar Writes      Stephen Tucker
        May      Judy East
        Let us sit and eat      Matthew Woodward
        Hope for the future of the Church?      Derek Spottiswoode
        Lantern Service      Judy East
        Judy East: From the Annual Parochial Church Meeting      Alan Goodison
        A Thanksgiving      
        VE Day      Peter Raymond
        Dresden Commemoration      Elizabeth Willink
        1978 and all that      Alan Goodison
        Jan-Filip upa, cello and Ye Lin, piano - 24th April      Suzanne Pinkerton

April 2005

        The Vicar Writes      
        April      Judy East
        Obituary - Dick Rubinstein      Peter Rossiter
        DIck Rubinstein      Stephen Tucker
        In Memoriam      
        Corporation of the Sons of the Clergy       Robert Welsford
        Music in April      Handley Stephens
        Spring and Summer Music      Jenny Macdonald-Hay
        Global Week of Action on Trade:10-16 April      
        After Easter      Sylvia Read

March 2005

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        March      Judy East
        Martindale Sidwell Concert Review      Suzanne Pinkerton
        PCC Report      Andrew Penny
        Making Palm Crosses      
        Simnel Cake      Paul Daybell
        Hampstead and Highgate Festival      Ted Pleasance
        Bishops back drive to end world poverty      
        From the archives of the Ham & High      
        The Mothering Sunday flowers      Stephen Tucker
        Celtic Summer      

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