The Parish Church of St John-at-Hampstead

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July 2007

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        The Persecuted Church      Anthony Hutton
        Penguins, Bubbles and Chocolate Cake      Judy East
        For Judy on her retirement - the Vicar's farewell speech      Stephen Tucker
        "TWELFTH NIGHT", or "WHAT YOU WILL"      John Willmer
        Christain Aid Week      Judy East
        Junior Choir Summer Prom Concert      Rachel Nugee
        Scafell Pike      Diana Raymond
        Salisbury, 4th - 6th June 2007      Stella Greenall

June 2007

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        June      Judy East
        The Persecuted Church      Anthony Hutton
        Jeel Al Amal Boys Home and Lazarus Home for Girls, Bethany      Sarah Eynstone
        Keeping watch - Church Stewards      Margaret Willmer
        Christianity in the wings - Twelfth Night      Stephen Tucker
        Memories of Sunday School      St. John's group
        What is God Saying Through Climate Change?      
        Childhood accidents aren't what they used to be!      

May 2007

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        May      Judy East
        The Persecuted Church      Anthony Hutton
        Charles Wesley which of his hymns is your favourite?      
        Paradise Lost - review      Diana Raymond
        St Paul's announces new Dean      
        The Abolition of Slavery      Dr H B McGonigle
        Climate change what we can do      
        Volunteers Spring into Action!      
        Commemoration of the Month      
        If God had voice mail      
        The Cell Phone Vs. The Bible      

April 2007

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        April      Judy East
        A New Secondary School      Stephen Tucker
        Barchester Towers      Diana Raymond
        Martindale Sidwell at St Clement Danes      Paul Daybell
        The Persecuted Church      Anthony Hutton
        How Clean Is Your House?      Beryl Dowsett
        PCC report 1st March 2007      Andrew Penny
        Summer Fair 2007      
        Legacy of Slavery      
        Climate change - We can't blame God for it      
        April Fools' Day      
        A History of Easter and the Easter Egg      

March 2007

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        March      Judy East
        Finance      Inigo Woolf
        Volunteering and skills      The Vicar and Churchwardens
        The Church in London      Judy East
        London Challenge launch event      
        The Persecuted Church - Sudan      Anthony Hutton
        The Holy Land      Sarah Eynstone
        A Return to Ethiopia      John Hester
        David Lund      
        The Installation of Philip Buckler as Dean of Lincoln      Paul Hickey & Stella Greenall
        Paradise Lost      Ann Duarte
        Desert Island Discs with Ted Pleasance      Handley Stevens
        Eighth Martindale Sidwell Memorial Recital      Suzanne Pinkerton
        The Bald Prima Donna - Eugene Ionesco      Bill Risebero
        C4WS Camden and City Churches Cold Weather Shelter      Bill Risebero
        Tha Abolition of Slavery      

February 2007

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        February      Judy East
        Introducing our new Deacon      Jim Walters
        Changes to Choral Evensong      Handley Stevens
        Electoral Roll Renewal      Gaynor Bassey
        The Persecuted Church      Anthony Hutton
        WaterAid in Lent      
        Management, MRSA and Doorknobs      John Cherry
        Women's World Day of Prayer      Barbara Scarlett-Smith
        4 reasons not to mess with children      
        Bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade      

January 2007

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        January      Judy East
        John Wesley's Rule of Conduct      
        Men with Baggage      
        A Tale of Two Cities      Diana Raymond
        PCC Report      Andrew Penny
        CARIS Haringey      John Willmer
        The Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation      
        The Persecuted Church      Anthony Hutton
        New Year Greetings from the Friends of the Drama      John Willmer

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