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December 2009

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        December      Judy East
        Climate change – what individuals do DOES matter      
        Advent Calendar      Rowan Williams
        Meetings of the PCC      Handley Stevens
        Christmas Shoeboxes      Jennifer Borrett
        Shepherds      Sylvia Read
        Beware that chocolate box this Christmas!       
        All I didn’t want for Christmas....       
        Daniel the Stylite 409-93 [11th December]      
        Where did Christmas stockings come from?       
        Winter Solstice       
        My true love gave to me... but now it’s stuck!       
        Are you cold?      
        Ever decreasing....?       
        Christmas bites      

November 2009

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        November      Judy East
        Stop Press      Sara Eynstone
        Pick of the Month      Gill Perrin
        A review of the experimental lunchtime concerts held in September      Edward Langtry
        Evelyne Berezovsky: a personal appreciation      Edward Langtry
        The Sacred Flame      John Willmer
        The Samaritan's Purse      
        While it is yet dark      Sylvia Read

October 2009

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        October      Judy East
        Music for October      
        Pick of the Month      Gill Perrin
        Chatauqua Summer      Jim Walters
        Volunteers Fair      Andrew Penny
        My Licensing as a Reader       Andrew Penny
        Our Summers      David Jones
        To Autumn      John Keats
        John Keats lived here      
        Dance of the Cranes in Golders Hill Park      Sylvia Read

September 2009

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        September      Judy East
        What Will You Give?      Peter Ginnings
        Women Bishops? A Glass Ceiling      Beryl Dowsett
        Women Bishops – a response      Stephen Tucker
        The Merchant of Venice - Review      Pat Gardner
        Lines on the tomb, XD092, of Nathaniel Booth      Robert Ingham

July 2009

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        July / August      Judy East
        Placed in Hampstead      Emma Smith
        Eulogy given at Eliza Willink’s funeral      Ismene Brown
        In Memory      
        The Merchant of Venice      Annie Duarte
        The Sower      Sylvia Read

June 2009

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        PCC Meeting 14 May      Handley Stevens
        Refugee Week 15th-21st June.      John Willmer
        Venetian Music - Sunday 5 July       Gill Perrin
        No Introduction, Please      Sylvia Read
        REJOICE! The Festival of Flowers at Westminster Abbey      Sari Hutton

May 2009

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        May      Judy East
        Thanks for your support      Peter Ginnings
        The Annual Parochial Church Meeting      Handley Stevens
        The Obamas visit Hampstead      
        Circle the City - 17th May      
        We are the music makers      A.W. E. O'Shaughnessy
        Springfest 2009      George Vass
        Galilee      Sylvia Read
        A child shall lead them...      
        On the Damascus road... with William Tyndale      

April 2009

        The Vicar Writes      Stephen Tucker
        April      Judy East
        Back from the City of God      Jim Walters
        English Plurals      
        Vouchers wanted      
        St Stephen's opens it doors      
        In memoriam - Diana Raymond      
        Sidwell Memorial Concert      Suzanne Pinkerton
        Traidcraft v Fairtrade      
        What does it all mean?      
        It's Official: Chocolate and Wine Are Good for You      
        The gardeners' hymn      

March 2009

        The Vicar Writes      Stephen Tucker
        March      Judy East
        Musica Sacra      Frances Spalding
        A reading from the Pastoral Prayer of Aelred of Rievaulx      
        CARIS Haringey Christian Action and Response In Society       John Willmer

February 2009

        Mother Sarah writes      Sarah Eynstone
        February      Judy East
        Warmed on this Cold Star      Sylvia Read
        Building for the Future      
        Year's Mind      Diana Raymond
        Fairtrade Fortnight      

January 2009

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        'This church is a place where we support one another .....      Sarah Eynstone
        Update from Fr. Nicholas Wheeler whose work we sponsor in Rio de Janeiro      
        While Mortals Sleep      
        Our feathered friends      
        Paul speaks      Sylvia Read

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