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December 2015

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        December      Judy East
        Q: What do you give someone who has everything?      
        Island Hospice      Alan Brooks
        Christmas again!      Stephen Clarke
        The Rutter Requiem      Suzanne Pinkerton
        Oliver Cromwell tried to ban Christmas      
        The Wicked Fairy at the Manger      U A Fanthorpe
        On the Feast of Stephen      
        Titbits for Christmas      
        Reading for December at the Parish Eucharist      

November 2015

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        November      Judy East
        Shoes for little Syrians      
        Being Good Neighbours at Christmas      
        Church Visitors      Gillian Paschkes-Bell
        The Golden Succession      Suzanne Pinkerton
        Age UK Henderson Court Resource Centre      Barbara Alden
        Euphemisms for death      
        Readings for November at the Parish Eucharist      

October 2015

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        A Celebration      Jan Rushton
        October      Judy East
        What happens in crèche?      Helen Evans
        Practical Action      Lucy Stevens
        Rachel Nugee      
        In Memoriam - Rutter Requiem      Handley Stevens
        Update from the Sudan Committee      Susan Woolf
        Christmas Market      
        Readings for October at the Parish Eucharist      

September 2015

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        September      Judy East
        Women's Bible Study      Diana Young
        The Asra Hawariat School Fund      Sara Hester
        The Junior Choir Prom - Review      Suzanne Pinkerton
        A good king – a great king – in a greatly good production      Ben Horslen
        Holiday in Hampstead      Bill Fry
        Memories of a Cornish Childhood      Jennifer Borrett

July 2015

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        July and August      Judy East
        RICHARD II by William Shakespeare      Bill Risebero and John Willmer
        London Churches Refugee Fund (LCRF) & Freedom from Torture (FfT)      John Willmer
        Balfour Gardiner      Suzanne Pinkerton
        Church Urban Fund - Tackling Poverty together      
        Readings for July and August at the Parish Eucharist      

June 2015

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        June      Judy East
        Smile :O)      
        Your Jewish Museum: Journeys      
        Carswell H012 in the ABG      Susan Woolf
        Beginning with Sunday School Choruses…      Gill Perrin
        Help for growing disciples      
        Success of @OurCofE extends the project for another year      

May 2015

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        May      Judy East
        In Memoriam - Anthony Hutton      Stephen Tucker
        Cherishing Churchyards Week - 6-14 June      Judy East
        A holiday at home      
        The St Matthew Passion      Suzanne Pinkerton
        Aidan Coburn’s Recital in aid of the NSPCC      Suzanne Pinkerton
        Music for May      James Sherlock
        Christian Aid Week      
        Readings for May at the Parish Eucharist      

April 2015

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        April      Judy East
        Easter Collection      
        The Children's Society      Susan Woolf
        The Hampstead Players      Jon Siddall
        Literary Hour: Water, water every where      Stephen Clarke
        Spring Fair      
        We must speak out for religious freedom      Parish Pump
        Hampstead Christian Study Centre Reading Group      
        Tit - for -Tat (on war-torn land)      Barbara Alden
        Readings for April at the Parish Eucharist      

March 2015

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        March      Judy East
        Address at the funeral of Edward Nugee TD QC      Stephen Tucker
        Andrew Nugee at the funeral of Edward Nugee TD QC      
        Camden Community of Churches Cold Weather Shelter      Christine Risebero
        The Changi Cross: A Symbol of Hope in the Shadow of Death      Louise Reynolds
        Readings for March at the Parish Eucharist      

February 2015

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        February      Judy East
        Church Action on Poverty Sunday      
        Do you keep old postcards?      Susan Woolf
        Love: the good, the bad, and the ugly      
        From Parish Pump      
        Readings for February at the Parish Eucharist      

January 2015

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        January      Judy East
        Living the History - Music and Faith      James Sherlock
        Born Again!      Bill Risebero
        Schubertiad 2      Suzanne Pinkerton
        Twas the month after Christmas      
        Home Start Camden      
        In 2015 we celebrate 175 years of the Penny Post      
        Home Schooling      
        Journal Extract January 2215      
        Achieving Your Resolution in 2015      
        Readings for January at the Parish Eucharist      

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