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December 2016

        The Churchwardens write      Angela Gardner and Jon Siddall
        December      Judy East
        Welcome to our Church      Judy East
        Rehabilitating Bethlehem      Bill Risebero
        At Home      Beryl Dowsett
        The Giving Machine      Rebecca Dodson
        A can of worms for Christmas      
        From tree to table      Peter and Sheena Ginnings
        Christmas Revels      Barbara Alden
        Hampstead Arts Festival Concert      Stephen Tucker
        Faure Requiem      Suzanne Pinkerton
        The Advent wreath      
        The Mother of God      WB Yeats
        Readings for December      

November 2016

        November      Judy East
        Island Hospice      Alan Brooks
        How the neighbours do it - an Adult Baptism      Beryl Dowsett
        Lear and Fathers      David Gardner
        A Literary Hour      John Willmer
        Living Wage Campaign Victory      
        No, you CAN'T..........
.........recycle your coffee cup!

        Readings for November at the Parish Eucharist      

October 2016

        The Churchwardens write      Angela Gardner and Jon Siddall
        October      Judy East
        Henderson Court Resource Centre      Barbara Alden
        PSALM (Project for Seniors and Lifelong Ministry)      John Willmer
        Being Good Neighbours at Christmas      Rosemary Loyd and Diana Finning
        The Best Christmas Dinner in London      Judy East
        Samaritanís Purse Christmas shoe boxes      Helen Evans
        Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder      Christine Risebero
        On the Journey      Siomn Young
        Forty Years On      Stephen Clarke
        Christmas Market      
        Church Urban Fund      
        Donít bother with this article if you are.......      
        Readings for October at the Parish Eucharist      

September 2016

        Jan Ruston writes      
        September      Judy East
        Asra Hawariat School, Ethiopia      Sara Heater and Sian Enderli Hester
        Donít You Believe It!      Bill Fry
        Women's discussion group      Diana Young
        Holiday in Hampstead      Sheila Christie-Murray and Bill Fry
        O rare Ben Jonson!      Bill Risebero
        Taking part in Open Garden Squares Weekend      Sheena Ginnings
        Stewarding      Judy East
        Junior Choir Prom      Suzanne Pinkerton
        Randolph Schwabe      
        Readings for Septmebr at the Parish Eucharist      

July 2016

        Mother Diana writes      Diana Young
        July and August      Judy East
        Though we are many, we are all one body      Diana Young
        Hampstead Counselling Service      Julia Paton
        Former PCC Secretary in Birthday Honours List      
        Review - Stabat Mater      Suzanne Pinkerton
        Readings for July and August at the Parish Eucharist      

June 2016

        The Churchwardens write      Angela Gardner and Jon Siddall
        June      Judy East
        A Birthday Party      Andrew Penny and Elizabeth Beesley
        London Churches Refugee Fund (LCRF) and Freedom from Torture (FfT)      John Willmer
        Open Garden Squares Weekend      Sheena Ginnings
        The oldest continuously cultivated garden in London      
        Do you send postcards?      Susan Woolf
        Hampstead Chamber choir      
        Choir of the 21st Century      
        Thanksgiving for 150 years of Readers      Paul Hardingham for Parish Pump
        I dream a world      
        Readings for June at the Parish Eucharist      

May 2016

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        May      Judy East
        The Archbishop of Canterbury's Awards      
        Open Garden Squares Weekend      
        Holiday in Hampstead      
        Readings for May at the Parish Eucharist      

April 2016

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        April      Judy East
        Practical Action      Anne Stevens
        Living Wage Church      John Barker
        Dangerous Corner      Catherine Martin
        The Vicar's Farewell      Suzanne Pinkerton
        St John Passion      Suzanne Pinkerton
        Readings for April at the Parish Eucharist      

March 2016

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        March      Judy East
        An Ute Prayer      
        The Children's Society      
        Have your say about our net Vicar      Angela Gardner and Jon Siddall
        Darkness Redemption, Light      John Willmer
        Readings for March at the Parish Eucharist      

February 2016

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        February      Judy East
        Sightsavers      Richard Lloyd Hart
        AgeUK Camden      
        Big Brew Day March 6th      
        Living Book Club for February and March      Sheena Ginnings
        Reflections - Literary Hour 17th February      Barbara Alden
        Diocesan Lent Appeal      The Bishop of London
        Sudan Church Association      Susan Woolf
        Church Action on Poverty Sunday 7th February      
        From Parish Pump      
        Readings for February at the Parish Eucharist      

January 2016

        The Vicar writes      Stephen Tucker
        January      Judy East
        A Meditation      Cardinal Newman
        A letter from the Churchwardens      Angela Gardner and Jon Siddall
        CARIS Camden - C4WS      Andrew Penny
        Homelessness Sunday (January 24th) and the work of CARIS Haringey      Rosemary Loyd
        Week of Prayer for Christian Unity - 18-25 January      
        Pride and Prejudice      Bill Risebero
        Messiah      Suzanne Pinkerton
        Charities to be supported 2016 - 2018      
        Readings for January at the Parish Eucharist      

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