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December 2018

        The Vicar writes      Jeremy Fletcher
        December      Judy East
        Hampstead Church League for Women’s Suffrage      Sue Kirby
        Dickens and Christmas      Jessica Mathur
        Our Light Party      Julia Fletcher
        Valentine's Ball      Julia Fletcher
        PCC Report      Nick Walser
        BASR      Bill Risebero
        The Children's Society      Susan Woolf
        Sidwell Memorial Recital      Suzanne Pinkerton
        Deutsches Requiem      Suzanne Pinkerton
        Musical notes for December      Peter Foggitt
        The Twelve Days of Christmas      
        Why do people visit churches?      

November 2018

        The Vicar writes      Jeremy Fletcher
        November      Judy East
        Caris Haringey      Rosemary Loyd
        Island Hospice and Healthcare Zimbabwe      Alan Brooks
        PSALM (Project for Seniors and Lifelong Ministry)      John Willmer
        C of E warns: there is 'no Plan(et) B'      from Parish Pump
        Readings for November at the Parish Eucharist      

October 2018

        The Vicar writes      Jeremy Fletcher
        October      Judy East
        Henderson Court Resource Centre – AgeUK Camden      Barbara Alden
        The HPC Christmas Hamper Scheme – 2018      Rosemary Loyd
        Wind and Weather - A Literary Hour      Barbara Alden
        A visit to Siena      Jules Lubbock
        Musical notes for October      Peter Foggitt
        Remembrance Sunday      Judy East
        The British Legion      
        You go to Church in Hampstead?      Phyllis Quarshie
        The Christmas Market      
        Readings for October at the Parish Eucharist      

April 2018

        The Vicar writes      Jeremy Fletcher
        April      Judy East
        Practical Action      Anne Stevens
        Rembering Doris      Stephen Clarke
        Hope and Justice for Nicaragua      Ayla Lepine
        Choir News      Kathy Nicholson
        St John Passion      Suzanne Pinkerton
        Bits and pieces      
        HOME FREED: the theology of de-cluttering - Part 3: Clutter and Happiness      Jane Brocklehurst
        Readings for April at the Parish Eucharist      

March 2018

        The Vicar writes      Jeremy Fletcher
        March      Judy East
        Mission Action Planning Where are we going?      Jeremy Fletcher
        PCC Report      Nick Walser
        Hampstead Parochial School Developement Fund      Allan McLean, Headteacher
        The Children's Society      Susan Woolf
        A Literary Hour: Darkness and Light      Barbara Alden
        The Way of the Cross      John Willmer
        Palm Sunday - Junior Church Passion Play      Helen Evans
        This is not a concert review      Suzanne Pinkerton
        Choir News      Kathy Nicholson
        Oberammergau 2020      Jenny Bunn
        To keep a true Lent      
        Readings for March at the Parish Eucharist      

February 2018

        The Vicar writes      Jeremy Fletcher
        February      Judy East
        Sightsavers International      Richard Lloyd-Hart
        Big Brew Day      Sue Kwok
        A Wartime Vigil      Louise Reynolds
        Pamela Tudor Craig      Susan Woolf
        Helpers at our Night Shelter      
        Choir News      Kathy Nicholson
        Not quite right!      From Parish Pump
        Home Freed: the theology of decluttering      Jane Brocklehurst for Parish Pump
        ASH WEDNESDAY mourning our sins      From Parish Pump
        How to improve your memory      From Parish Pump
        Not-so-fresh air      From Parish Pump
        Love your children      From Parish Pump
        Religious scepticism      
        Readings for February at the Parish Eucharist      

January 2018

        The Vicar writes      Jeremy Fletcher
        January      Judy East
        Welcoming Safety      
        The Theory of De-cluttering      Jane Brocklehurst for Parish Pump
        CARIS Haringey and CARIS Camden      Andrew Penny
        PCC Report      Nick Walser (PCC Secretary)
        Choir News      Kathy Nicholson
        Persuasion      Sarah Day
        From the Hampstead Parish Church Community Sponsorship Team      
        Some modern tips for the Wise Mens journey      David Pickup for Parish Pump
        Readings for January at the Parish Eucharist      

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