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December 2019

        December Magazine      

November 2019

        November Magazine      

October 2019

        October Magazine      
        The Curate Writes      Ayla Lepine
        October      Judy East
        What's happening in Junior Church this term?      Helen Evans and Jessica Mathur
        Henderson Court Age UK Camden Resource Centre, Day Care Centre       Barbara Alden
        The HPC Christmas Hamper Scheme - 2019       Rosemary Loyd
        The Homeless Man's Tale      

September 2019

        The Vicar Writes      Jeremy Fletcher
        September      Judy East
        What is Hampstead Parish Church to you?      Jeremy Fletcher, Ayla Lepine and Sheena Ginnings
        Faith at Play: a reminiscence of Bill and Sylvia Fry      Bill Risebero
        Charity Update      Sara Hester and Rosemary Lloyd
        PCC Report      Nick Walser (PCC Secretary)
        Singing as a Chorus      Diana Finning
        Macbeth Review      Catherine Martin
        Holiday in Hampstead 2019      Sue Kirby and others
        Music for September      Peter Foggitt
        Musical notes for September      Peter Foggitt
        Readings for September      

July 2019

        The Vicar Writes      Jeremy Fletcher
        July and August      Judy East
        Paul Gurnham adds...      Paul Gurnham
        “I am thanking you very much with joy”      Jebbeh Konneh
        Spring Fair 2019      Julia Fletcher
        Hampstead Counselling Service      Jonathan Mance, (Chair, HCS)
        Iona      Margaret Willmer
        Bible Book Club      
        PCC Report      Nick Walser (PCC Secretary)
        The Women's Retreat with Carol Barrett Ford      Sheena Ginnings
        Memory from 1939      Margaret Willmer
        Musical notes for July      Peter Foggitt
        Music list for July      David Moore
        Readings for July and August      

June 2019

        The Vicar Writes      Jeremy Fletcher
        June      Judy East
        Summer Night      Alfred Lord Tennyson
        From the June 1929 magazine      
        Around the Graveyard      
        Refugee Week      
        Musical notes for June      Peter Foggitt
        God in the Arts      Revd Michael Burgess for Parish Pump
        Readings for June at the Parish Eucharist      

May 2019

        The Vicar Writes      Jeremy Fletcher
        May      Judy East
        St Matthew Passion - review      Suzanne Pinkerton
        Surviving the Nazi Third Reich - One Family's True Story      Barbara Alden
        Musical notes for May      Peter Foggitt
        Playing Fair across the Generations      Ann Morisy
        Readings for May at the Parish Eucharist      

April 2019

        The Vicar writes      Jeremy Fletcher
        April      Judy East
        Practical Action      Anne Stevens
        ALMA      Helen Doery
        Spring Fair      
        Work - a blessing and a curse      Ayle Lepine
        Readings for April at the Parish Eucharist      

March 2019

        The Vicar writes      Jeremy Fletcher
        March      Judy East
        PCC Report      Nick Walser
        Valentines Ball      
        Readings for March at the Parish Eucharist      

February 2019

        The Vicar writes      Jeremy Fletcher
        February      Judy East
        Remembering Pat      David Gardner

January 2019

        The Vicar writes      Jeremy Fletcher
        January      Judy East
        The story of the other Wise Man      Judy East
        CARIS Camden Report      Andrew Penny
        Musical Notes for January      Peter Foggitt
        The Government Inspector      Bill Risebero
        And the award goes to . . .       
        Stunning new £2-million Bible-and-art website      
        The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity      
        Readings for January at the Parish Eucharist      

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