The Parish Church of St John-at-Hampstead
28th November 2021
        1030 Holy Communion       On Advent     Graham Dunn
14th November 2021
        Holy Communion       On Remembrance Sunday     Jeremy Fletcher
7th November 2021
        Evensong       I am the Way     Jeremy Fletcher
31st October 2021
        10.30am Holy Communion       All Saints Day Sermon 2021     Handley Stevens
24th October 2021
        10.30am Holy Communion       Promise of Return     Jan Rushton
17th October 2021
        Evensong       Being with God - like breathing in and breathing out     Graham Dunn
26th September 2021
        Evensong       The Psalms - it's ok to not be ok     Graham Dunn
19th September 2021
        10.30am Holy Communion       For Jesus the measure of your greatness...     Jan Rushton
5th September 2021
        Evensong       Evensong Trinity 14 2021     Jan Rushton
22nd August 2021
        11am Holy Communion       Bread of Life     Jan Rushton
        8.00 Holy Communion       Ephphatha, Healing and John of Beverley     Jeremy Fletcher
15th August 2021
        Holy Communion       Mary and her Song     Jeremy Fletcher
        Choral Evensong       Mary and the Church     Jeremy Fletcher
8th August 2021
        11am Holy Communion       Christ - the Bread of Life     Graham Dunn
        Evensong       Lift your drooping hands     Jeremy Fletcher
1st August 2021
        Evensong       Poetry and Wisdom in Job     Andrew Penny
25th July 2021
        Holy Communion       St James the Great     Jeremy Fletcher
18th July 2021
        Evensong       God alongside us     Graham Dunn
        11am Holy Communion       Feeding the 5000 - church planting?     Jan Rushton
11th July 2021
        Evensong       Born to trouble, Seeking God     Jeremy Fletcher
        11am Holy Communion       Justice and Challenge     Graham Dunn
4th July 2021
        11am Holy Communion       Intuition and Calculation     Andrew Penny
        Evensong       Sermon for Evensong, Trinity 5     Handley Stevens
21st June 2021
        11am Holy Communion       Accepting Grace     Andrew Penny
20th June 2021
        Evensong       Oh the depths     Jeremy Fletcher
13th June 2021
        Holy Communion       On Evelyn Underhill     Bishop Richard Harries
        Evensong       Evelyn Underhill and our Everyday Lives     Dr Ayla Lepine
6th June 2021
        Holy Communion       Seen and Unseen     Jeremy Fletcher
30th May 2021
        11am Holy Communion       Trinity Sunday     Jan Rushton
23rd May 2021
        Holy Communion       The Spirit and Walls     Jeremy Fletcher
2nd May 2021
        Holy Communion 11.00       Growing in Disturbed Ground     Jeremy Fletcher
18th April 2021
        11am Holy Communion       Fulfilling the Prophets and Psalms     Andrew Penny
21st March 2021
        Evening Prayer online       There are just too many things to feel     Jeremy Fletcher
        Worship Together Online       Jeremiah’s and John’s Covenants     Andrew Penny
7th March 2021
        Worship Together Online       Cleansing the Temple     Jeremy Fletcher
28th February 2021
        Evening Prayer online       On Faith and Drains     Jeremy Fletcher
        11am Holy Communion       Second Sunday of Lent     Jan Rushton
17th February 2021
        Ash Wednesday Online Communion       Gratitude     Jan Rushton
14th February 2021
        Evening Prayer       Prophetic Voice     Jan Rushton
        11am Holy Communion       The Transfiguration and Human Rights     Andrew Penny
7th February 2021
        Worship Together Online       Taking a View of Creation     Jeremy Fletcher
31st January 2021
        11am Holy Communion       Jesus’ Presentation in the Temple     Jan Rushton
        Evening Prayer       Haggai 2:1-9 and John 2:18-22     Andrew Penny
24th January 2021
        Worship Together Online       Details and Glory     Jeremy Fletcher
        Evening Prayer online       Scripture, Christ and Revelation     Handley Stevens
20th January 2021
        Evening Prayer       Isaiah 60     Andrew Penny
10th January 2021
        Evening Prayer       Isaiah 42 & Ephesians 2     Andrew Penny

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