The Parish Church of St John-at-Hampstead
25th December 2005
        Christmas Day Mattins       Now the birth of Jesus the Messiah took place in this way     Terrance Bell
        Christmas Day All Age Eucharist       There were shepherds out in the field......     Sarah Eynstone
24th December 2005
        Midnight Mass            Stephen Tucker
18th December 2005
        Parish Eucharist       Obedience to the Will of God     Alan Goodison
16th December 2005
        Marriage of Alice Woodwark and Tom McIlwain       An Excellent Mystery     Alan Goodison
11th December 2005
        Evensong       Do you ever feel that our society has lost its way?     Sarah Eynstone
4th December 2005
        Parish Eucharist       A voice says cry out,' and I said 'What shall I cry?     Stephen Tucker
        Evensong       May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing     Handley Stevens
20th November 2005
        Evensong       St Cecilia     Stephen Tucker
        Parish Eucharist       Christ the King     Stephen Tucker
13th November 2005
        Parish Eucharist - Remembrance Sunday       Choose life     Alan Goodison
        Evensong - Remembrance Sunday       The sword of the spirit     Stephen Tucker
6th November 2005
        Evensong       John 15.9-17     Handley Stevens
30th October 2005
        Evensong       "We are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses"     Alan Goodison
        Parish Eucharist       Sermon for All Saints Day     Stephen Tucker
23rd October 2005
        Evensong       Ecclesiastes 11:3 "In the place where the tree falls there it will lie."     Stephen Tucker
16th October 2005
        Parish Eucharist       Symbols and Ultimate Reality     Alan Goodison
9th October 2005
        Evensong       "Like a skilled master builder I laid a foundation"     Terrance Bell
        Parish Eucharist - Dedication Sunday       The stones will cry out     Stephen Tucker
2nd October 2005
        Evensong       My child ... my little children     Handley Stevens
        Parish Eucharist       Matthew 21.33-46     Terrance Bell
18th September 2005
        Parish Eucharist       S Joseph and the Fatherhood of God     Alan Goodison
        Evensong       Ezekiel 33.23, 30- 34.10     Sarah Eynstone
11th September 2005
        Parish Eucharist       Give us this day our daily bread     Sarah Eynstone
28th August 2005
        Parish Eucharist       God calls us     Terrance Bell
        Evensong       Turn to the living God     Derek Spottiswoode
21st August 2005
        Parish Eucharist       Revelation     Alan Goodison
14th August 2005
        Evensong       2 Kings 4: 1-3, Acts 16: 1-15     Sarah Eynstone
        Parish Eucharist       Crossing boundaries     Stephen Tucker
7th August 2005
        Parish Eucharist       Love     Alan Goodison
31st July 2005
        Parish Eucharist       Romans 9:1-5     Terrance Bell
        Evensong       Living with complexity     Robert Mitchell
24th July 2005
        Parish Eucharist       Matthew 13. 52:     Alan Goodison
        Evensong       Mark 5:21-43     Terrance Bell
10th July 2005
        Parish Eucharist       Matthew 13: 1-9, 18- 23     Sarah Eynstone
3rd July 2005
        Parish Eucharist       For my yoke is easy     Alan Goodison
19th June 2005
        Evensong       God is our hope and strength: a very present help in trouble (Ps 46:1)     Stephen Tucker
        Parish Eucharist       Matthew 10:24-39     Terrance Bell
12th June 2005
        Parish Eucharist       The content and structure of the Eucharist: A commentary     Stephen Tucker
29th May 2005
        Parish Eucharist       The future of European Christianity     Stephen Tucker
        Evensong       Some fell on good soil     Terrance Bell
22nd May 2005
        Parish Eucharist       How do we speak of God     Terrance Bell
15th May 2005
        Parish Eucharist       The Feast of Pentecost     Stephen Tucker
8th May 2005
        Evensong       Loving the Saints     Alan Goodison
        Parish Eucharist       " and you shall be my people, and I will be your God."     Terrance Bell
5th May 2005
        Ascension Day Eucharist       Challenges of the Ascension     Philip Wells
1st May 2005
        Evensong       I saw no temple in the city (Rev 21.22)     Handley Stevens
24th April 2005
        Festal Evensong       30th anniversary of the Hampstead Christian Study Centre     Canon Eric James
17th April 2005
        Parish Eucharist       I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.     Alan Goodison
        Evensong       For he . . has broken down the dividing wall of hostility....     Alan Goodison
10th April 2005
        Parish Eucharist       Then their eyes were opened, and they recognised him     Handley Stevens
        Evensong            Stephen Tucker
3rd April 2005
        Parish Eucharist       Keeping company with Thomas     Matthew Woodward
27th March 2005
        Parish Eucharist - Easter Day            Stephen Tucker
        Evensong - Easter Day            Stephen Tucker
24th March 2005
        Maundy Thursday            Stephen Tucker
13th March 2005
        Parish Eucharist            Alan Goodison
6th March 2005
        Evensong            Stephen Tucker
20th February 2005
        Parish Eucharist            Handley Stevens
        Evensong            Alan Goodison
23rd January 2005
        Parish Eucharist            Alan Goodison
16th January 2005
        Parish Eucharist            Stephen Tucker
        Evensong            Alan Goodison
9th January 2005
        Parish Eucharist            Handley Stevens
2nd January 2005
        Parish Eucharist            Alan Goodison

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