The Parish Church of St John-at-Hampstead
18th December 2011
        Parish Eucharist       Mary said, "Here am I..."     Handley Stevens
11th December 2011
        Parish Eucharist       The Three Advents     Stephen Tucker
20th November 2011
        8.00 am       'Forgiveness' Matthew 18.21-35     Jan Rushton
        St Cecilia Evensong       Prima la musica, dopo le parole? - words and music in worship     Stephen Tucker
11th November 2011
        Evensong       Tribulation in the city     Stephen Tucker
30th October 2011
        Parish Eucharist       All Saints Day     Stephen Tucker
23rd October 2011
        Parish Eucharist       Love of God, of neighbour and of self     Stephen Tucker
2nd October 2011
        Parish Eucharist       Dedication, Stewardship, and Christopher Robin     Stephen Tucker
25th September 2011
        Evensong       WR Huntington and the quest for real churches     Stephen Tucker
11th September 2011
        Parish Eucharist       The place of God     Stephen Tucker
4th September 2011
        Parish Eucharist       The Hard Place of Jesus     Stephen Tucker
17th July 2011
        Parish Eucharist       Standing under Scripture     Stephen Tucker
3rd July 2011
        Parish Eucharist       Romans 7 and the Law     Andrew Penny
12th June 2011
        Parish Eucharist       Pentecost     Stephen Tucker
22nd May 2011
        Evensong       And I John saw the holy city, New Jerusalem     Canon Robert Gage
15th May 2011
        Parish Eucharist       Noh     Fr Stephen
8th May 2011
        Parish Eucharist       The Good Shephard     Emma Smith
1st May 2011
        Evensong       Daniel in the Lion's Den     Andrew Penny
        Evensong       Doubting Thomas     Emma Smith
24th April 2011
        Parish Eucharist       Easter Day     Stephen Tucker
22nd April 2011
        Good Friday Address 1       The Hiding Place of God's Power - Mark The Extreme Penalty     Stephen Tucker
        Good Friday Address 2       The Hiding Place of God's Power: Matthew     Stephen Tucker
        Good Friday Address 4       John: Now is the Son of Man Glorified     Stephen Tucker
10th April 2011
        Parish Eucharist       The Raising of Lazarus     Emma Smith
3rd April 2011
        Evensong       Beloved ... you have seen ... how the Lord is compassionate and merciful.     Handley Stevens
27th March 2011
        Parish Eucharist       The Samaritan woman at the well     Emma Smith
        Evensong       Sacred and Profane     Andrew Penny
20th March 2011
        Evensong       The Cost of Discipleship     Emma Smith
        Parish Eucharist       Abraham believed God, and it was reckoned to him as righteousness      Handley Stevens
13th March 2011
        Parish Eucharist       Sin and choice     Andrew Penny
6th March 2011
        Choral Evensong       How glorious you were, Elijah, in your wondrous deeds!     Handley Stevens
27th February 2011
        Evensong       Intelligence and coulour: a sermon for Stephen Tucker upon the tenth anniversary of his Induction a     Peter McGeary
20th February 2011
        Evensong       Amon 9 and Ephesians 6     Andrew Penny
13th February 2011
        Parish Eucharist       4th Sunday before Lent     Emma Smith
        Evensong       Therefore be imitators of God     Handley Stevens
6th February 2011
        Parish Eucharist       Isaiah 58: 1-12     Andrew P
16th January 2011
        Parish Eucharist       Behold the Lamb of God     Fr Stephen

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