The Parish Church of St John-at-Hampstead
28th December 2014
        Parish Eucharist       You shall be called by a new name     Handley Stevens
25th December 2014
        Christmas Day Eucharist       The Shepherds and the Angels     Diana Young
14th December 2014
        Evensong       St John of the Cross     Diana Young
7th December 2014
        Parish Eucharist       John the Baptist     Jan Rushton
30th November 2014
        8.00am       Daylight People     Diana Young
23rd November 2014
        Evensong       Go and make disciples of all nations     Handley Stevens
16th November 2014
        Evensong       Abishag the Shunamite ; ritual and convention     Andrew Penny
        Parish Eucharist       What you see is what you get     Diana Young
9th November 2014
        Evensong       Remembrance, repentance and the German people     Jan Rushton
2nd November 2014
        Parish Eucharist       God's pilgrim people     Diana Young
        Evensong       The meaning of silence     Stephen Tucker
26th October 2014
        Parish Eucharist       On these two commandments ...     Handley Stevens
19th October 2014
        Parish Eucharist       Give the emperor the things that are the emperorís      Diana Young
12th October 2014
        Parish Eucharist       Apocalypse and Judgement     Jan Rushton
5th October 2014
        Evensong       Jeremiah and Francis     Diana Young
21st September 2014
        Evensong       Caravaggio and St Matthew      Andrew Penny
        8.00am       The Healing of the Ten Lepers     
14th September 2014
        Parish Eucharist       Holy Cross Day     Handley Stevens
        Evensong       Handing in your cross     Stephen Tucker
7th September 2014
        Parish Eucharist       Corporate and Individual responsibility     Andrew Penny
31st August 2014
        Parish Eucharist       Religious wild cards     Stephen Tucker
24th August 2014
        10.30am Parish Eucharist       True Greatness (on the Feast of St Bartholomew)     Handley Stevens
17th August 2014
        Parish Eucharist       The woman who wouldn't take No for an answer     Diana Young
10th August 2014
        8.00am       Little Red Riding Hood and Adoption     Diana Young
3rd August 2014
        Parish Eucharist       God's abundance - our response     Diana Young
        8.00am       World War 1     Jan Rushton
        Evensong       To Commemorate the outbreak of the First World War     Stephen Tucker
27th July 2014
        Parish Eucharist       Work is Prayer     Andrew Penny
20th July 2014
        Parish Eucharist       In hope we were saved (Romans 8.24)     Handley Stevens
        8.00am       The Calling of Peter     Diana Young
13th July 2014
        Evensong       By whose authority?     Handley Stevens
6th July 2014
        8.00am       The Sheep and the Lion     Diana Young
29th June 2014
        Parish Eucharist       St Peter     Andrew Penny
22nd June 2014
        Evensong       King David - a flawed hero     Handley Stevens
20th June 2014
        Ordination       Ordination of Diana Young     Revd Canon Sue Allen
15th June 2014
        Parish Eucharist       The Trinity for Practical People     Diana Young
8th June 2014
        Parish Eucharist       Pentecost for introverts and extroverts     Stephen Tucker
25th May 2014
        Evensong       Image of the City     Stephen Tucker
        Parish Eucharist       Spirituality and the Marketplace     Diana Young
18th May 2014
        Evensong       The Lamp and the Olive Tree     Diana Young
        Tea Service       Small Beginnings     Diana Young
        Parish Eucharist       Why Christian Aid?     Andrew Penny
11th May 2014
        Evensong       He descended into Hell     Handley Stevens
4th May 2014
        Parish Eucharist       The Road to Emmaus     Handley Stevens
27th April 2014
        Evensong       Fear and Resurrection     Andrew Penny
        Parish Eucharist       Doubting Thomas     Jan Rushton
20th April 2014
        8.00am       He saw and believed     Diana Young
        Evensong       Christ is Risen     Handley Stevens
        Parish Eucharist       One and All     Stephen Tucker
17th April 2014
        Maundy Thursday       Passover     Jan Rushton
16th April 2014
        Holy Communion Meditation       Suffering Servant 3     Andrew Penny
15th April 2014
        Holy Communion Meditation       Suffering Servant 2     Andrew Penny
14th April 2014
        Holy Communion Meditation       Suffering Servant 1     Andrew Penny
13th April 2014
        Evensong       The Vinyard     Diana Young
        Parish Eucharist       The donkey and the tank     Stephen Tucker
6th April 2014
        Parish Eucharist       The Raising of Lazarus     Revd Diana Young
30th March 2014
        8.00am       Christian Freedom     Diana Young
23rd March 2014
        Parish Eucharist       The Samaritan Woman at the Well      Jan Rushton
16th March 2014
        Evensong       The cost of discipleship     Handley Stevens
        Parish Eucharist       How to have a conversation with Jesus     Diana Young
9th March 2014
        Parish Eucharist       Temptation     Andrew Penny
        Evensong       Sin and Repentance     The Revd Canon Robert Gage
2nd March 2014
        Evensong       Faith     Diana Young
1st March 2014
        Funeral for Derek Spottiswoode       Eulogy     the Very Revd Philip Buckler, Dean of Lincoln
16th February 2014
        Parish Eucharist       Moses, Matthew and Morality     Andrew Penny
        8.00am       The Eccentric Employer     Diana Young
9th February 2014
        Parish Eucharist       Sermon on the Mount     Jan Rushton
7th February 2014
        Evensong       Walking in the light for Lent     Diana Young
2nd February 2014
        Evensong       Christian Morality     Andrew Penny
1st February 2014
        8.00am       Power     Diana Young
26th January 2014
        Evensong       Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied - Sing unto the Lord a new song     Handley Stevens
19th January 2014
        Evensong       Eating Books     Diana Young
12th January 2014
        Parish Eucharist       The work of the Spirit     Handley Stevens
5th January 2014
        Evensong       Prophecy, its fulfilment and recognition.     Andrew Penny
        Parish Eucharist       Epiphany Watershed     Diana Young

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