The Parish Church of St John-at-Hampstead
27th December 2015
        Parish Eucharist       St John draws us to the Light     Handley Stevens
24th December 2015
        Midnight Mass       Candlelight     Diana Young
20th December 2015
        Parish Eucharist       Mary, the first disciple     Diana Young
13th December 2015
        Parish Eucharist       John the Baptist     Jan Rushton
6th December 2015
        Parish Eucharist       Advent     Andrew Penny
8th November 2015
        Parish Eucharist       Remembrance Sunday     Diana Young
1st November 2015
        Parish Eucharist       'Write this for these words are trustworthy and true'     Stephen Tucker
        Choral Evensong       What we can find in church     Stephen Tucker
25th October 2015
        Parish Eucharist       Blind Bartimaeus     Andrew Penny
11th October 2015
        Parish Eucharist       Anniversary Sermon     Jan Rushton
        Evensong       Comfortable words     Diana Young
4th October 2015
        Evensong       Houses of the mind     Stephen Tucker
20th September 2015
        Parish Eucharist       Being vulnerable enough to receive what God gives you     Sarah Eynstone
        Choral Evensong       Exodus 19     Andrew Penny
13th September 2015
        Parish Eucharist       Music and Religion     Andrew Penny
30th August 2015
        Evensong       How to live the Beatitudes     Stephen Tucker
23rd August 2015
        Parish Eucharist       Persevering with Christ     Revd Diana Young
16th August 2015
        Parish Eucharist       Understanding they symbolism of bread and wine     Revd Jan Rushton
9th August 2015
        Parish Eucharist       Things are not always what they seem     Revd Diana Young
26th July 2015
        Evensong       Prayer and work     Andrew Penny
        Parish Eucharist       How can we know anything that surpasses knowledge?     Handley Stevens
19th July 2015
        Evensong       Here am I and the children whom God has given me     Handley Stevens
12th July 2015
        Choral Evensong       Trinity 6     Revd Stephen Tucker
        Parish Eucharist       Prophets and History     Andrew Penny
5th July 2015
        Evensong       St Paul     Andrew Penny
28th June 2015
        Parish Eucharist       God did not make death     Diana Young
        Evensong       Towards a theology for ageing     Handley Stevens
14th June 2015
        Parish Eucharist       The Mustard Seed     Andrew Penny
7th June 2015
        Parish Eucharist       Eve and that apple     Jan Rushton
        Evensong       Decisions, Decisions     Diana Young
31st May 2015
        Evensong       Thank God for the Trinity     Handley Stevens
        Parish Eucharist       Individuality and Community     Stephen Tucker
24th May 2015
        Parish Eucharist       Whitsunday     Diana Young
17th May 2015
        Choral Evensong       Jesus' Manifesto     Diana Young
        Parish Eucharist       Christ and Culture     Stephen Tucker
14th May 2015
        Ascension Day       How do we respond to the Ascension?     Diana Young
10th May 2015
        Parish Eucharist       Why should we follow the God of Christ?     Jan Rushton
5th May 2015
        Ascension Day Junior Choir Eucharist       Waiting     Diana Young
3rd May 2015
        Evensong       Listen     Handley Stevens
26th April 2015
        Parish Eucharist       The answer to self condemnation     Stephen Tucker
19th April 2015
        Parish Eucharist       Witness     Handley Stevens
17th April 2015
        Parish Eucharist       Noah and Community     Andrew Penny
12th April 2015
        Parish Eucharist       Resurrection     Diana Young
3rd April 2015
        Good Friday Meditation       Witnesses of the Passion - 2. Insider Witness     Jan Rushton
2nd April 2015
        Maundy Thursday       Footwashing     Diana Young
29th March 2015
        Evensong       Vineyards     Revd Diana Young
22nd March 2015
        Parish Eucharist       To come to know the Lord     Andrew Penny
15th March 2015
        Evensong       The peace of God     Handley Stevens
8th March 2015
        Parish Eucharist       Of strength and weakness, wisdom and folly.     Handley Stevens
1st March 2015
        Parish Eucharist       Overheard in Waitrose     Diana Young
18th February 2015
        Ash Wednesday       Dust and Ashing     Diana Young
15th February 2015
        Evensong       Hearing God - Music or Silence?     Diana Young
        Parish Eucharist       Why is the Church of England shrinking?     Revd Stephen Tucker
14th February 2015
        Parish Eucharist       Temptations     Jan Rushton
8th February 2015
        Parish Eucharist       Creation     Andrew Penny
        Evensong       Exploring our humanity, encountering the divine - in the psalms.     Handley Stevens
1st February 2015
        Evensong       Rebuilding the Temple     Andrew Penny
        Parish Eucharist       This child is destined to be a sign (Luke 2.34).     Handley Stevens
25th January 2015
        Parish Eucharist       The Conversion of St Paul     Diana Young
18th January 2015
        Evensong       Hope     Diana Young
        Parish Eucharist       Calling     Jan Rushton
11th January 2015
        Parish Eucharist for The Baptism of Christ       Why Christianity cannot be mocked     Revd Stephen Tucker
        Evensong for The Baptism of Christ       Isaiah and the Gospels     Andrew Penny
4th January 2015
        Evensong for Epiphany       Jesus revealed his glory     Handley Stevens
        Parish Eucharist for Epiphany       Why do we have Three Kings?     Andrew Penny

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