The Parish Church of St John-at-Hampstead
18th December 2016
        Parish Eucharist       Joseph     Diana Young
11th December 2016
        Evensong            Diana Young
        Parish Eucharist       John the Baptist questions if Jesus is the Messiah     Jan Rushton
4th December 2016
        Parish Eucharist            Andrew Penny
27th November 2016
        Parish Eucharist       Waiting for the known and the unknown     Diana Young
20th November 2016
        Parish Eucharist       Give us a king, like other nations (1 Sam 8.5)     Handley Stevens
13th November 2016
        Parish Eucharist       Remembrance Sunday Sermon     Jan Rushton
        Evensong            Diana Young
6th November 2016
        Evensong       Father, hear the prayer we offer: Not for ease that prayer shall be, but for strength that we may ev     Diana Young
        Parish Eucharist       The resurrection of the body     Andrew Penny
30th October 2016
        Parish Eucharist       All Saints     Handley Stevens
        Evensong       All you need is love – a sermon for All Souls     Diana Young
16th October 2016
        Parish Eucharist       Great was the company of the preachers     Handley Stevens
        Evensong       Preaching     Andrew Penny
9th October 2016
        Parish Eucharist       Friendship     Diana Young
2nd October 2016
        Parish Eucharist       Keep on Going on     Diana Young
25th September 2016
        Evensong       You will know the truth     Diana Young
18th September 2016
        Parish Eucharist       The Unjust Steward     Andrew Penny
11th September 2016
        Evensong       The small things     Diana Young
        Parish Eucharist       9/11 Anniversary     Jan Rushton
4th September 2016
        Parish Eucharist       Choose Life     
        Evensong       What are we doing this evening? What is our worship?     Andrew Penny
28th August 2016
        Parish Eucharist       Let mutual love continue     Handley Stevens
        Evensong       Eve of Beheading of John the Baptist     Handley Stevens
21st August 2016
        Parish Eucharist       Jesus and the Sabbath; Laws and Rules     Andrew Penny
14th August 2016
        Parish Eucharist       Peace     Handley Stevens
7th August 2016
        Parish Eucharist       Waiting - again!     Diana Young
31st July 2016
        Parish Eucharist       Barns full of wheat     Andrew Penny
24th July 2016
        Evensong       Meat Markets and Temple Feasts     Diana Young
        Parish Eucharist       Praying the Lord's Prayer     Handley Stephens
17th July 2016
        Evensong       Rich or Poor?     Diana Young
10th July 2016
        Parish Eucharist       The Good Samaritan     Jan Rushton
        Evensong       Jacob Wrestling     Diana Young
3rd July 2016
        Parish Eucharist       Doubt     Diana Young
        Evensong       The Feast of St Thomas     Handley Stevens
26th June 2016
        Evensong       Younger Brother     Jan Rushton
        Parish Eucharist       ‘What then will this child become?’     Diana Young
19th June 2016
        Parish Eucharist       Refugee Sunday     Jan Rushton
        Evensong       Co-operative gardens     Andrew Penny
12th June 2016
        Parish Eucharist       Kingship and service     Handley Stevens
        Evensong       The Kingdom of God     Diana Young
29th May 2016
        Parish Eucharsit       The Centurion’s Servant – a study of faith     Diana Young
        Evensong       The Story of Cain and Abel     Diana Young
22nd May 2016
        Parish Eucharsit       Jesus shows us what God is     Andrew Penny
15th May 2016
        Pentecost Parish Eucharist       Fire! Fire!     Diana Young
8th May 2016
        Parish Eucharist with Baptism       Gratitude     Jan Rushton
        Evensong       The Ascension     Andrew Penny
1st May 2016
        Parish Eucharist       Remembrance and Peace     Stephen Tucker
        Choral Evensong       The Music of Heaven on Earth     Stephen Tucker
17th April 2016
        8.00am       Living in Easter Joy     Diana Young
        Choral Evensong       Churches Together in Hampstead     Piers Plowright
10th April 2016
        Evensong       Lazarus and healing     Andrew Penny
        Parish Eucharist       St John's and St Mary's     Msg Phelim Rowlands, Rector of St Mary's Holly Pla
3rd April 2016
        Evening Prayer       Adopted into Freedom     Diana Young
27th March 2016
        Easter Day Eucharist       These things seemed to them an idle tale     Stephen Tucker
24th March 2016
        Maundy Thursday       Nietzsche and foot washing     Stephen Tucker
13th March 2016
        Parish Eucharist       The Passion of Christ     Handley Stevens
6th March 2016
        8.00am       Two mothers     Diana Young
28th February 2016
        Parish Eucharist       Homily for Hampstead Parish Church     Terrance Bell
21st February 2016
        Parish Eucharist       Journey to Jerusalem     Diana Young
        Choral Evensong       Spontaneity and Calculation     Andrew Penny
14th February 2016
        8:00am       Christ, the second Adam     Diana Young
        Evensong       Jonah and the pity of God     Stephen Tucker
31st January 2016
        Evensong       Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up     Handley Stevens
24th January 2016
        Evensong       How to read the Bible     Jan Rushton
17th January 2016
        Parish Eucharist       The Wedding at Cana     Andrew Penny
        Evensong       The nature of tradition and development     Stephen Tucker
10th January 2016
        Evensong       Isaiah 55     Andrew Penny
        Parish Eucharist       Baptism of Christ     Diana Young
3rd January 2016
        Parish Eucharist       One God of all nations     Jan Rushton

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