The Parish Church of St John-at-Hampstead
20th December 2020
        11am Holy Communion       Mary & Gabriel     Jan Rushton
13th December 2020
        Holy Communion       The Questions of John the Baptist     Jeremy Fletcher
6th December 2020
        11am Holy Communion       John and Jesus     Andrew Penny
        Evensong       The god of hope (Romans 5.13)     Handley Stevens
29th November 2020
        Worship Together Online       Apocalypse and Hope     Melissa Wilson
22nd November 2020
        Online 11.00       Sheep and Goats and the Son of Man     Jeremy Fletcher
        Evening Prayer       Christ the King     Jan Rushton
15th November 2020
        Evening Prayer online       In the Long Run...     Handley Stevens
        11am Worship Together       The Parable of the Talents     Andrew Penny
8th November 2020
        Worship Together: a Service of the Word       Remembrance Sunday Sermon 2020     Jan Rushton
        Evening Prayer       Gideon and the Midianites     Andrew Penny
1st November 2020
        11am Holy Communion       All Saints Day Sermon 2020     Jan Rushton
25th October 2020
        Holy Communion       What do you REALLY think of the Bible?     Jeremy Fletcher
18th October 2020
        Evensong       Whose praise is in the Gospel     Jeremy Fletcher
        11am Holy Communion       Feast of St Luke     Handley Stevens
11th October 2020
        All       Dedication Sunday 2020     Jeremy Fletcher
4th October 2020
        Holy Communion       Radical Humility     Jan Rushton
        Evensong       Rejecting the World     Andrew Penny
27th September 2020
        11am Holy Communion       Parable of the Two Sons     Melissa Wilson
        Evensong       Exile in Our Time     Andrew Penny
20th September 2020
        Holy Communion       Generosity or Injustice?     Jeremy Fletcher
        Evensong       From Greed to Service     Jeremy Fletcher
13th September 2020
        Evensong       The Soft Self Wounding Pelican     Jeremy Fletcher
6th September 2020
        11am Holy Communion       Gathering Together (Ayla's last sermon)     Ayla Lepine
        Evening Prayer online       Hear the Word of theLord     Handley Stevens
30th August 2020
        Worship Together Online       The Cross and the Community     Ayla Lepine
        Evening Prayer Online       Samaritan Lepers     Andrew Penny
23rd August 2020
        Online 10.30       Caesarea orJerusalem?     Jeremy Fletcher
        Evening Prayer Online       Times of crisis, times of opportunity     Jan Rushton
16th August 2020
        Evening Prayer online       When the unexpected is unexpected     Jeremy Fletcher
        Worship Together       The Individual and the Community     Andrew Penny
9th August 2020
        Online 10.30       Elijah and the Still Small Voice     Jan Rushton
2nd August 2020
        Evening Prayer Online       'Restore us, O God'     Ayla Lepine
26th July 2020
        Worship Together Online       Mustard Seeds and Pearls of Great Price     Andrew Penny
12th July 2020
        Online 10.30       Being fruitful - or stony ground?     Jeremy Fletcher
5th July 2020
        Evening Prayer online       Who is Included?     Jeremy Fletcher
28th June 2020
        Worship Together Online       Toleration and Inclusion     Andrew Penny
        Evening Prayer Online       Home and Belonging     Ayla Lepine
21st June 2020
        Worship Together Online       Walk in the Light     Ayla Lepine
        Evening Prayer online       Who's invited?     Jeremy Fletcher
14th June 2020
        Online 10.30 Service       What's Our Mission Soundbite?     Jeremy Fletcher
        Evening Prayer Online       Equality and Mercy     Jan Rushton
7th June 2020
        Online       The doctrine Christians were prepared to die for     Jan Rushton
        Evening Prayer Online       Room at the Table     Ayla Lepine
31st May 2020
        Evening Prayer Online       'I can't breathe'     Ayla Lepine
24th May 2020
        Service of the Word Online       'So that they may be one'     Ayla Lepine
        Evening Prayer online       Living Differently     Jan Rushton
21st May 2020
        Ascension - Evening Prayer Online       Earth is 'heaven-bent'     Ayla Lepine
        Holy Communion Online       The Ascension does not need a blue plaque     Jeremy Fletcher
17th May 2020
        Online 10.30       In him we live     Jeremy Fletcher
        Evening Prayer Online       Restoration and Revelation     Andrew Penny
10th May 2020
        Worship at Home 10.30       Jesus the Way     Jan Rushton
        Zoom Evening Prayer       The Home of God is Among Mortals     Jeremy Fletcher
3rd May 2020
        Eastertide Worship at Home       Where is the Shepherd?     Ayla Lepine
        Evesning Prayer on Zoom       The people could not distinguish the sound     Jeremy Fletcher
26th April 2020
        Online       Then their eyes were opened     Handley Stevens
        Online Evening Prayer       Haggai and Paul - Building a New Society     Andrew Penny
19th April 2020
        10.30 Worship at Home       Doubt     Jan Rushton
        Evensong       For they were afraid     Jeremy Fletcher
12th April 2020
        Easter Sunday       Gardens of the Heart     Jim Walters
        Easter Sunday Evening Prayer on Zoom       'Love is strong as death'     Ayla Lepine
10th April 2020
        Good Friday       Thirsting for God     Jim Walters
9th April 2020
        Maundy Thursday       Making the Kingdom Present     Jim Walters
8th April 2020
        Wednesday In Holy Week       Close to the heart     Jim Walters
7th April 2020
        Tuesday In Holy Week       Dying to all the globe     Jim Walters
6th April 2020
        Holy Week and the Arts       Bliss, George Herbert, and Malcolm Guite     Handley Stevens
        Monday In Holy Week       Generosity as prayer     Jim Walters
5th April 2020
        Palm Sunday Evening Prayer at Home       Learning to Love, Enduring the Pandemic     Jan Rushton
        Palm Sunday Morning Service at Home       Standing out from the crowd     Jim Walters
29th March 2020
        Worship at Home       The Raising of Lazarus     Handley Stevens
        Evening Prayer at Home       'Don't you care?'     Ayla Lepine
22nd March 2020
        Online       On Mothering and Distance     Jeremy Fletcher
15th March 2020
        Evensong       Fear, Courage, Resilience, Standing     Jeremy Fletcher
        Parish Eucharist       The Living Water that Calms Our Fears     Ayla Lepine
14th March 2020
        Worship Together Online       Mothering Sunday     Jan Rushton
8th March 2020
        Holy Communion       Rhythms and Certainties     Jeremy Fletcher
1st March 2020
        Parish Eucharist       Lent 1     Jan Rushton
26th February 2020
        Ash Wednesday       Ash Wednesday     Jan Rushton
23rd February 2020
        Evensong       The Chariots of Israel and its Horsemen     Jeremy Fletcher
        Parish Eucharist       Transfiguration     Andrew Penny
21st February 2020
        Evening Prayer       Sin; Genesis and Romans     Andrew Penny
16th February 2020
        Parish Eucharist       In Hope We Were Saved     Handley Stevens
        Choral Evensong       Heaven is Open     Ayla Lepine
9th February 2020
        Holy Communion       Salt, Light, Law     Jeremy Fletcher
        Choral Evensong       Inside and Outside: Prison Chaplaincy at HMP Bronzefield     Ayla Lepine
2nd February 2020
        Evensong       What Sign Can You Show Us?     Handley Stevens
26th January 2020
        Parish Eucharist       Longing for Liberation     Ayla Lepine
19th January 2020
        Choral Evensong       Prophets, Grace, and Unity     Ayla Lepine
        Parish Eucharist       Christian Unity     Andrew Penny
12th January 2020
        Evensong       Then the people crossed over     Jeremy Fletcher
        Parish Eucharist       Baptism of Christ     Jan Rushton

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