The Parish Church of St John-at-Hampstead

Christian Stewardship

Christian stewardship begins with the recognition that everything we have - our time, our talents and our money - is a gift from God to be used and offered back to him in service.

As members of Hampstead Parish Church, we share in its many and varied benefits - its worship and ministry, the magnificent building, its strong musical tradition, a broad and growing programme of activities for all ages, and its service to the community in which we live. As with any organisation to which we belong, this brings financial responsibility - alongside our responsibility to worship, to pray, to learn to care for one another, and to apply our Christian values to our work, our leisure and our politics.

Membership of our church does not involve the payment of a tax or a subscription; we are entirely dependent on the voluntary support of our members to continue our good work and, indeed, to build on it. Our church can only thrive with our collective support. We are asked to consider carefully what proportion of our time, talents and money should be offered to God for use through our church.

To find out more about Christian stewardship and opportunities to support the church, please speak to the Vicar or one of the Churchwardens.
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